A RYNO Strategic Solutions Misogi Experience!

At RYNO Strategic Solutions, we work hard to create a culture that is uniquely focused on not just developing a family, but also to promote both professional and personal growth whenever possible. In addition to paid education, Misogi experience is one of many “extra” benefits that RYNO employees receive each year. The Misogi is an event, experience, or class that results in an unforgettable memory or new skill.

In 2022, Drew Rosencrants, our RYNO Strategic Solutions Web Support Specialist, chose to experience a backcountry snowmobile tour in Telluride, CO!

Drew’s Misogi

Day One: The Drive and Ouray

Drew took time off to ensure his RYNO Strategic Solutions Misogi experience was truly unforgettable. He drove up to Colorado on his own, and got to see both Utah and the mountains for the first time! Of course, no adventure is complete without some unplanned excitement. On the drive there, Drew almost ran out of gas, and had his car slid down an icy hill. One of the kind locals helped him get his car out. Drew is thankful that many residents of Colorado drive trucks and are nice enough to help!

He stayed that night in a town called Ouray, which has a slogan of “Switzerland of America”. Drew says it lives up to the name! A small town of under 1,000 people, Ouray is nestled between two mountains and surrounded by rivers. He was able to watch each day as the rivers thawed and rushing rapids commenced. The next morning, Drew geared up to continue his drive to the Telluride Ski Resort.

Day Two: Resort and Snowboarding

The resort has mountains, scenic views, and plenty of sights to take in. Drew spent his day snowboarding in perfect weather conditions of 37 and sunny with fresh snow! There weren’t too many people on the slopes, allowing Drew to take full advantage of riding as many runs as he could. After almost 7 hours, he still hadn’t seen it all! One thing Drew says is certain is that a chicken tender basket and a beer tastes better when you are eating on the edge of the mountain in front of endless views.

Drew snowboarding

Day Three

On day three of his Misogi, Drew’s close friend flew into to town. The two spent the morning exploring the town. They would visit the local ice climbing spot, watching 10 climbers attempt to climb a 100+ foot wall. Then, the pair drove up the mountain on roads Drew mentions he’d never try and drive on during a snowstorm.

Rock Climbing Wall

Day Four: Backcountry Snowmobile Tour

Day four of Drew’s travels was the day of his RYNO Strategic Solutions Misogi. Once again, conditions were perfect. It was 45 and sunny with 7 feet of snow. Drew and his friend joined up a small group and were led by a tour guide on their snowmobiling excursion. After a brief trail ride, the mountains opened up to fields, hill climbs, and trails. They enjoyed a lunch overlooking the entire mountain, and then spent time in the town of Telluride, learning about the location’s rich history.

Drew Backcountry Snow Mobileing

Day Five: Returning Home

After quite an eventful week, Drew and his friend made the trek back home. On their drive, Drew was able to see Four Corners for the first time, of which he notes as quite unremarkable. It’s hard to blame him after the trip he had!

Drew at the four corners

Making Memorable Experiences and Better People

RYNO Strategic Solutions is more than simply the most reputable digital marketing agency in the home services industry. We’re a family, and one that truly wants the best for each member of our team. The Misogi benefit is one that gives RYNOs a chance to have an unforgettable experience; one that even years later they will look back on and smile.

“This week was incredible, and the experiences are still settling in. This vacation will be one I remember for the rest of my life and would not have been possible without RYNO Strategic Solutions. My buddy mentioned several times how lucky I am to work for a company like RYNO Strategic Solutions, and I couldn’t agree more.”

-Drew Rosencrants, Web Support Specialist