RYNO Takes on Two Service Opportunities This Month!

This month, some of our in-office team volunteered their time at ASA Now in Mesa, AZ. We also spent the day in Downtown Phoenix for the Walk to End Alzheimers 2022 in Phoenix, AZ, and our remote employees volunteered at several other nonprofit organizations.

RYNO and ASA Now

For our November service day, the RYNO team offered our time and resources to the wonderful non-profit organization ASA Now! We spent the day cleaning out and consolidating a storage unit for the non-profit, as well as cleaning the inside of their headquarters. We had a number of new RYNOs with us serving for the first time, so it was a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other while giving back to the community!

ASA Now shines a light on Arizona’s foster care crisis and provides a place to house workshops, support groups, volunteer opportunities, food donations, retreats, as well as family events for families. The volunteer work done by ASA Now and generous members of the community impacts the lives of abused children previously in the foster care system.

Their mission is to “support and strengthen children, youth and families impacted by foster care by providing the necessary resources, education, skills, opportunities and events necessary to grow, connect, empower, improve, flourish and move forward.”

Walk to End Alzheimers 2022

The other part of our local team participated in the Walk to End Alzheimers in Downtown Phoenix on November 5th. Every year, thousands of people across the nation participate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Like flowers, supporters bloom and grow to understand the disease and all other forms of dementia. Our team, alongside some family and friends, helped support these efforts by participating in the walk and donating to the organization’s vital work.

About 55 million people in the world currently suffer from dementia. In America, it is estimated over 6 million people have Alzheimer’s disease, and there currently is no cure. The Alzheimers Association works hard to address this unfortunate disease by being educators and advocates to the millions of people who live with Alzheimer’s and varying levels of dementia, and accepts donations and volunteering to enhance treatments research, prevention, support, and possibly someday a cure.

If you’re interested in donating or volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association or would like to participate in next year’s Walk to End Alzheimers, please visit their website to learn more.

A Year of Helping Our Local Communities Has Flown by!

At RYNO Strategic Solutions, giving back to our local communities has always been one of our most important core values. Each month, we find new opportunities to serve our area with our skills and resources to help make the world a better place, one step at a time! This was a great year for community service. We spent the year at several food banks such as St. Vincent De Paul, Feed My Starving Children, and Midwest Food Bank, made care packages and thank you cards for veterans at Youth for Troops, spent our time beautifying animal sanctuaries like Better Piggies Rescue and Liberty Wildlife, and even went to Tijuana, Mexico to build an entire house from scratch! These are just a few of the amazing organizations we volunteered at this year!

At RYNO, we believe in giving back to our local (and sometimes not so local communities) by offering our time and manpower to amazing non-profit organizations that work hard to make the world a better place in one way or another. Whether it’s feeding starving families overseas or nearby, providing a place of learning and safety, acting as an advocate for wildlife, or providing necessities to the less fortunate – RYNO wants to offer a helping hand to all! This year we covered a lot of bases, but we’re nowhere near done! As our company grows, we have more hands to offer to the organizations that need help, and in 2023, we’ll be there!