RYNO Strategic Solutions Produces Semalt Block Plugin for WordPress Sites

no-semalt-300x255For Internet marketing companies, business owners, and anyone with a website, pageviews paint an important picture of the success and failures of your online presence. Recently, a spamming bot called Semalt manipulated page views for thousands of websites – making the number of visits in Google Analytics larger even though actual people didn’t visit the site. Because of this, marketers and businesses were unable to account for real and artificial visits which not only makes it difficult to analyze campaign results, it also throws off the cost per lead/click (CPC).

Since the holidays are all about giving, we didn’t just want to fix the problem for ourselves – we wanted to stop Semalt in its tracks for everybody! We created a plugin for WordPress users that can block the spambot from changing pageviews. The plugin redirects traffic when Semalt (and all web addresses with any sort of semalt.com variation) tries to access a site so only legitimate traffic is accounted for. The plugin allows the layperson to easily update their site. It’s very simple and user-friendly – just install and activate!

To download and take advantage of the Semalt Block, go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/block-semalt/. For more information about pageviews, PPC, CPC, or SEO campaigns, contact us at 877-484-9988.