Continuing Education: Blog Indiana 2012

We never stop learning at RYNO Strategic Solutions. The Internet is forever changing, and so are the techniques and strategies we implement to boost our client’s campaigns into success. Last week our Social Media team had the opportunity to attend the Blog Indiana Social Media & Blogging Conference at the lovely University of Indianapolis. The event was two full days of great, industry speakers delving into the subject of none other than Social Media, content creation, and blogging, among other related topics.

While we went into the event with an open mind, we were blown away by the ideas and creative opportunities that are available for companies to capitalize on through Social Media. You may have heard that “Content is King” when it comes to Internet Marketing, but it is becoming more evident that today’s user is becoming more and more social. Jay Baer of Convince & Convert said it best when he said “Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline.” What a powerful and oh-so-true statement! Have you ever seen someone on Facebook ask if anyone knows of a good restaurant, or a good contractor? By being online and being helpful and attentive to your target market, you can build top of mind awareness. That way, when someone’s air conditioner breaks on a hot summer day, the first company to come to mind will be the company they see on their social profiles on a regular basis.

Overall, the conference was of great benefit to our team, inspiring creative ideas that our clients will benefit from. There are a number of important aspects of Internet Marketing including SEO and PPC, but many often overlook Social Media either because they don’t understand it, or don’t see its overall importance. The team at RYNO Strategic Solutions has the knowledge and skills that it takes to build a successful online presence for your company and engage your customer regularly.

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