Google Technology Entering the Racing Arena?

So we’re kind of obsessed with racing here at RYNO Strategic Solutions, and we’re sure that’s no surprise to any of you. Of course, we are also strong followers of Google and its wide umbrella of technological endeavors. As you can imagine, we were pleasantly surprised to learn about Google’s involvement in new racing technologies.

Earlier this year Google announced that it was currently testing autonomous vehicles for entrance into the NASCAR stock-car racing arena next year. This left many lingering questions regarding the safety of the cars, the future of the drivers, and interest in the sport for die-hard fans…

Okay, so it was just an April Fool’s joke courtesy of the search engine giant, but it got us wondering about the capabilities of Google itself and the role it will play in technological advancements of the future. Google has already expanded from Internet search to mobile apps with extreme technical capabilities such as Google Goggles, smartphones and handheld tablets, interactive HVAC thermostats, and the innovative Google Glass. This great article via CIO Magazine offers insight into some of Google’s latest R&D projects ranging from driverless cars (just not for NASCAR) and home automation to pharmaceuticals and beyond—literally, into space.

While Google appears to have endless resources leaving them with sky-high possibilities, others are concerned about privacy infringement. How much is too much, and what are you comfortable with? We want to know: What do you see for the future of Google and its role in technologies to come?