Doubling Down on Marketing During the Coronavirus The coronavirus impact isn’t something that we need to go into detail about—you’re more than likely all too familiar with the news, and already planning ahead to protect your loved ones and business. It’s a time of uncertainty, and market instability has many of us scrambling to protect our assets and livelihood. The conventional wisdom is to focus on damage control, and avoid any unnecessary expenditures, and we fully appreciate that approach in the midst of this volatile environment we find ourselves in.

However, RYNO isn’t known for being conventional. We’re trailblazers, and our team is always looking for that competitive edge to give our clients the best ROI from our services. Instead of following the herd and reducing spending on digital marketing, our expertise and experience tells us to encourage you to pounce on this opening. While others are reeling back, there’s a huge opportunity to take advantage of for your business. Ramping up your marketing now could give you a serious advantage on your competition today and in the future, and that’s a prospect we feel is just too good to pass up.

Increased Demand for Comfort Services

It’s time for your business to shine! People are spending an abnormal amount of time indoors during the coronavirus outbreak to stay safe and will need heating and cooling more than ever. Especially with the beginning of the cooling season approaching, repair, maintenance, and installation calls for air conditioners will soon be rolling in, if they aren’t already. Why would you scale back marketing during an almost guaranteed influx of potential business? We anticipate an even greater need for HVAC services with more families staying indoors and want your business to be the one they call when they need service.

Think about it—right now, people are gearing up to spend as much time indoors as possible. It’s a dream scenario for anyone in the trades, as heating and cooling services are more important than ever. During “normal” seasons, air conditioners and heaters are running only when people return from work, errands, and at night when they are home. Now, entire families are staying indoors for the entire day. That means HVAC systems are running full time, and the need for repairs and servicing will be greater than ever. Old systems that might be facing serious repairs are going to need replacing, and households without sufficient heating and cooling may be considering investing in a new comfort system. By doubling down on your marketing, you can give yourself a greater chance at being the company they call.

Looking past the immediate future, having new clients during this time means longevity for your business. If they call for service now, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a customer for life. Years down the line, after the coronavirus impact has died down, you’ll be thankful you ramped up your marketing now because they’ll be calling you for service.

Taking Advantage of An Uptick in Related Search Terms

As more and more potential customers look for ways to protect themselves and their families from the coronavirus, air filters and air purifiers are going to be potential products people investigate to improve their odds of avoiding becoming sick. If you carry indoor air quality products and offer IAQ services, there’s a good chance you’re already getting calls about having these services performed. Perhaps you’re a Lennox Premier Dealer that offers PureAir and Healthy Climate systems—now is the time to focus on sales!

Increasing your marketing spend during this time will allow you take advantage of any increases in searches for these related terms, and improve your chances at being the company they contact when they want a new air purifier or air quality product installed in their home or business.

This isn’t just for air purifiers, either. More and more homeowners are educating themselves on air quality, and subsequently discovering the importance of clean air filters and ducts. HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning could be facing a potentially huge increase in demand, especially as related content that discusses the importance of these services has more eyes on it than ever. While the coronavirus has certainly created some negative effects in many industries, it’s also producing opportunities for growth that we feel are important to consider for explosive growth for our clients.

Not Pulling Punches

This is the time to go all-in. This is your chance to be aggressive and take advantage of any competitors that will be scaling back, and we’re ready to help you do just that. By ramping up your digital budget, you’ll be making the smart move and scooping up all the customers that will absolutely need your services during this time. Be the company they call when in need of home comfort services as they increase their time spent indoors, and let RYNO do what we do best—lead the charge in helping you grow your business to the next level.