If someone was to ask me Why RYNO?

RYNO Strategic Solutions Volunteer at Feed My Starving ChildrenIf someone were to ask me why do I love working for RYNO, I would not have a hard time coming up with all the reasons. RYNO has genuinely become part of my family. The easy answer is to say I enjoy my job and the people are cool. However, a more in-depth answer will probably shock you. Now I know you probably think yeah, yeah, of course, you would say you like the people and enjoy your job but seriously the culture here is second to none. We have a team that actually cares for one another and wants to see success. We have a leadership team that not only understands family first but actually allows it. Our team has traveled together, partied together, cried together, and we are stronger every day because of it. We work hard and play hard. RYNO is all about the hustle, grit, talent, and execution. We are not only here to help businesses grow. We are here to help people thrive.  We have some of the most hard-working people in the industry here at RYNO, and I am grateful to be able to enjoy the ride with them. 
One of the most rewarding parts of being a RYNO team member is when our team gets together monthly to serve our city at various volunteer locations. We have helped numerous charities including UMOM, Feed My Starving Children, Arizona Humane Society, Maggie’s Place, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Central Arizona, and CWAM, to name a few. In this day and age, I don’t know many companies that will close the office down and take all their employees to a monthly volunteer/service day location and then a team lunch afterward. 
RYNO at Feed My Starving ChildrenOne of my favorite service days we have been to was at Feed My Starving Children. Founded in 1987, (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals specially formulated for malnourished children. Their mission is simple: Feeding God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit. Their approach is simple: Donations given by people just like you and me fund the meal ingredients, volunteers hand-pack the meals, and the meals are donated to various FMSC partners around the world, where kids’ lives are saved! This company is a well-oiled machine, to say the least. 
Our team carpools to the destination, grabs a hairnet and divides into smaller teams. We’ve done this particular location a few times, so we come prepared to “win” because you know, winners win! We have had various jobs there from filling up rice and vitamin bins, to weighing and measuring the actual food that goes to the children, to sealing up the boxes.  We can see the results at the end of our “shift,” and if you aren’t a little teared up listening to the statistics, then you may not have a beating heart. Before we leave, we’re told the number of lives we saved. The number of children’s lives we saved!!! It is a sad but happy ending. We finish up our tasks and clean our stations for our big group picture, a proud picture of our fantastic RYNO team. We head out with our head high and feel like we have helped out in a small way. As we load up the cars to head over to our team lunch, when I say team lunch, it’s a feast! We get the biggest table in the restaurant. Onlookers probably think we are having a Friday family luncheon as the laughter and banter back and forth begins. We all feel a little closer after our service days. Just imagine month over month spending time with your work family and truly enjoying it. This is just one small example of a day in the life of RYNO! 
At the end of a regular work day, when it is stressful or hard, I know that I can turn to any one of my teammates and they would be there for me. I believe that says a lot about the way our leadership runs their ship! As one of the original RYNO’s, I have been here for almost seven years. We have been a small but mighty team for a majority of the ride. We are growing, and the new faces we are adding to the team will no doubt be as amazing as the oldies!

The culture here at RYNO is key, and there is a reason the employee retention is so high. The above mentioned it just a small fraction of… Why RYNO!


Author: Devin Boisvert, National Account Manager