New month, New Volunteer Opportunity!

This month our Phoenix-based team gave back to Feed My Starving Children in Mesa. We hand-packed over 11,000 meals, which is enough to feed over 30 children for an entire year. These meals were then donated to FMSC food partners worldwide, where children are fed and lives are saved!⁣ Each packing station had a specific position for each of us to do to fill, weigh and seal each food bag correctly. It was truly a team effort! It was a great time to catch up with our fellow RYNOs while also working together to package as many bags as possible in the time we had. Each station represented a different country that these boxes would be sent to. Feed My Starving Children ships care packages to many countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and more! It was amazing to see how many children and families we were able to provide for in the short amount of time we put together food packages.


Feed my Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization that has been working hard to provide care packages to the less fortunate since 1987. They currently have eight permanent food packing locations in states such as Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, and Texas. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) uses precise food science and partners with nutritionists to develop the food packages that are sent overseas. These meals are integral to the nutritional needs of impoverished children that suffer from malnutrition. FMSC believes that children deserve to grow, thrive and develop to their full potential. With the help of volunteers like RYNO and other generous individuals, millions of children are fed daily! The generosity of others has supplied (at the time this was written) 259,324,212 meals since 2022 alone! FMSC stands by their motto, “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed,” and they’re doing an outstanding job!

Remote RYNO Takes Charge!

Our remote RYNO team was also busy lending their time to other amazing non-profit organizations. Our remote RYNOs offered their skills and resources to places in need, such as Learning Ally, the Lichterman Nature Center, Milligan Park in Crawfordsville, IN, Room in the Inn, Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley, Art in the Loft, LA Food Bank, and the San Bernardino National Forest. RYNO took charge this month, offering a hand in all different corners of the U.S., from sunny California to the Keystone State of Pennsylvania!

SEO Analyst, Andy Varas, chose Los Angeles Regional Food Bank because they provide free fruits & vegetables to families in the Los Angeles area.

Sales Operations Liaison Joani Stetler and Call Listening & Reporting Team Supervisor Traci Conkright, selected a skate park in Crawfordsville and Milligan Park for cleanup because it is an important place in the community for children to play safely.

Technical SEO Analyst / Web Admin, Isaac Boda, chose Art in the Loft because they host many other local organizations in the community, so volunteering some days is helping set up for an event while other days are working directly with other groups and organizations.

Design team member, Alex Holcomb (née Hughes), chose RITI because they are working to help homeless families get off the street and into better situations by providing employment assistance and other resources to get off the streets.

Our Content Assistant, Isabella Andretti, chose the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley because the community is lovely to be around.

Our Vice President of Digital Strategy, Peter Simpson, chose the Lichterman Nature Center because he’s passionate about plants and environmental conservation and this organization shares those values.

Content Lead, Zack West, chose Learning Ally because its mission statement near and dear to his heart. It combines education and assisting those with special needs.

Front End Web Developer, Monica Werner, chose to pick up trash in the San Bernardino National Forest because she enjoys nature very much and wanted to help keep her local areas clean for others to enjoy.

Supporting Our Communities, One Step at a Time

At RYNO Strategic Solutions, we include giving back to our community as one of our integral core values. The benefit of having in-office and remote employees is that we don’t just volunteer our time and skills at one location a month, but many! We love our community and believe in offering our time to honorable causes that help feed, clothe, educate, and so forth. With great success comes the responsibility to give back what we can.