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Episode 196: Simple & Effective Strategies to Market Your Home Services Business in 2024

November 14, 2023

Episode 196: Simple & Effective Strategies to Market Your Home Services Business in 2024

Published: November 14, 2023


2023 has been one of the most competitive years in history for contractors, and 2024 is shaping up to be no different. If anything, the upcoming year is going to be an all-out brawl for consumer attention and leads. Are you preparing yourself and your troops?

At the Home Service Freedom Event, host Chris Yano leads a panel of home services marketing & branding experts to talk about what contractors MUST be paying attention to to WIN in 2024!

This Home Service Freedom Event panel includes:
  • Eric Thomas – Founder & President of Rival Digital
  • Terri Briggs – Senior VP & Director of Operations & Client Service for KickCharge Creative
  • Dave Carroll – Founder & CEO of DOPE Marketing
  • Katie Donovan- CEO of CAMP Digital
  • Chris Yano – Host of To The Point Home Services Podcast & CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions

Prepare for Battle

Especially for contractors at or under that 3MM mark, you may have to be creative to offset what may be a less competitive marketing budget. Regardless of your size, though, nailing down the fundamentals is going to be even more key as competition heats up. Look at what you’re doing that’s working, and focus on that.

Are you performing the “boring” parts of the job to the highest level? Do your CSRs deliver the same exceptional service that you’ve trained your technicians to give to your customers? Is your brand recognizable and delivering a true, consistent message? Is your marketing strategy focused on the customer journey and meeting them where they are, or on what you want?

Our panel discusses what contractors must focus on for 2024, including:
  • Having a GBP and LSA account set up
  • Consistency and fundamentals in your business
  • Establishing a recognizable brand and consistent brand message
  • Generating positive customer reviews
  • Honing in on high-performing calls to action
  • Having a competitive (and accurate!) speed-to-service
  • Tracking and measuring to see what’s really working
  • Being in a group of peers that will challenge you

Go Out and WIN

It’s easy to blame your marketing agency. It’s easy to blame the economy. It’s easy to blame anything and everything else. The contractors that are going to WIN in 2024 are the ones that take this information and IMPLEMENT it into their business.

Are you one of the 5% that will actually do something about it?

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