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Episode 207: 3 Game-Changing Hacks for Home Services Business Growth with NexGen CEO Ismael Valdez

February 6, 2024

Episode 207: 3 Game-Changing Hacks for Home Services Business Growth with NexGen CEO Ismael Valdez

Published: February 6, 2024


He’s back! In this exciting episode of To The Point, CEO of NexGen Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing, Ishmael Valdez, makes his long-awaited return to the podcast.

Ishmael and NexGen have come a long, long way from the first time we had him on the show. Likewise, the landscape of home services has changed rapidly. We check back in with “Ish” talk about labor management, leadership, and anything else that pops into his head.

Labor Management is a Hot Topic…What Can We Do?

Everyone is experiencing labor management troubles right now. But is there a way to benefit? Hell yeah, there is!

Ish speaks to his own challenges with labor management, but also points out that if people are leaving…they’re going to go somewhere else, right? There is a lot of talent right now that may not be the right fit with a new leadership and/or structure when acquisitions are sweeping through the trades. Mom and Pop shops might be the first to benefit from this, with talent looking for something a bit more personal and relaxed.

There’s a whole lot more we dive into in this episode, so listen now!

In this episode, host Chris Yano and Ish talk about:
  • The ongoing labor management dilemma (and opportunity!)
  • Ish venturing out into new businesses
  • How Nuve smart home technology is going to be a gamechanger
  • The many problems that DATA CUBE solves
  • Why technology is key to increasing profits
  • The infamous “LSD group” (and how a group like that will propel you forward)
  • The upcoming RYNOx 2024 (and a reveal of the keynote speaker!)
  • And more!

The Hustle Never Stops

What keeps Ish going after all these years? He wakes up every morning feeling broke. Of course, he isn’t, but that internal drive to keep the hustle going is what you have to have to see the same levels of success. You have to stay hungry. NexGen finished 2023 at 116MM, but when you have the drive that Ish does…the sky may not even be the limit.


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