Anna Yano

About Anna

Co-Founder and COO

As a co-founder, Anna has done just about every job that RYNO has over the past ten years. Anna’s current role allows her to be involved in all facets of the company from sales strategy to client experience, and campaign execution and performance. Her employees and clients alike appreciate her honest and thoughtful feedback, creative approach to problem-solving and ability to think strategically and outside the box. She knows RYNO has the same goal for each campaign as each of our clients – growth. Anna and her team work diligently to ensure they deliver maximum leads, excellent ROI and an exceptional client experience while tracking everything.

Anna is incredibly proud of the team RYNO built to support our clients. RYNO doesn’t operate with your typical company hierarchy. Sure, we have a leadership team, but every person in every position is an important voice to what makes RYNO successful each day.

Her passion for professional growth and philanthropy have continued to mature with her involvement in the following organizations:

  • President of the Hilda Wax Foundation, a 501(c)3 foundation committed to the growth and development of other charitable foundations.
  • Site board member at Preparatory Academy, a state-chartered public school providing an honors level liberal arts curriculum for families who want the very best in a college preparatory institution.

Anna is an Arizona native, living in the Anthem community since 2011. She is the mother of three small children, Berkeley (12), Mason (7), and Fallon (4). Free time is limited with kids at home. Weekends are filled with zig-zagging the city for sports and parties. If she isn’t bogged down with soccer, she loves to head to the forest to go camping. According to Anna, nothing beats a great view and a warm cup of coffee in the woods.