Chad Mueller

About Chad

Lead Web Developer

I’m Chad Mueller and I joined the stampede in 2015 as a Front End Web Developer. Since then, I have had the opportunity to fulfill a variety of responsibilities for our team including website and system creation, automation, server infrastructure management, and training.

What I enjoy most about working with RYNO is how painless decision-making is when all that you have to do is think to yourself, “which path will have the greatest impact toward growth for our client?”. Knowing that my actions are always supported by every member of the team when this is the driving force behind them provides me with the confidence to make an impact each and every day. After all, the mission at RYNO is clear, we exist to help others grow their businesses above everything else and that is what I am here for.

My Journey with RYNO began after working for 6 years in the technology space at, the largest domain and hosting provider in the world. While this ramped up my career, passion for the internet began long beforehand as I spent my adolescent years working with web technologies and tinkering online.

Although I do spend a lot of my free time exploring the latest in web engineering, when I am not training robots you will likely find me exercising at the gym, hiking and cycling around the beautiful Arizona scenery. I enjoy everything from hackathons to spartan races and have tried just about every taco shop around.