Paul Redman

About Paul

Vice President of Sales

Hey! Thanks for checking out our team. 

My name is Paul Redman, and I joined RYNO in 2018 to serve our team as VP of Sales. My job is to serve our team, clients and partners at the highest level possible while helping our clients achieve their revenue and growth goals. That is actually everybody’s job at RYNO. 

I joined RYNO after a 10-year career with Lennox Industries, one of the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers & distributors in North America. My role at Lennox took me from Ohio, to Colorado, to Texas and ultimately to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I live and work today. 

What I love most about working with RYNO is that every decision we make is through the lens of: “will this decision impact our clients in a positive way?” Sounds simple, but we operate our entire business on what makes the most sense for our clients’ success, not ours. You will find when you work with us, that we take our responsibilities of our service very seriously, but do not take ourselves too seriously. This produces the authenticity, transparency and humility that are foundational to the culture and client experience at RYNO. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending every moment with my wife Cori and our 4 Children, Aiden (15), Olive (9), Irie (6) and Goldie Lou (2). We enjoy hiking, cycling and spending time outdoors and in our community of Davidson, NC.