PJ Sparks

About PJ

Brand Marketing Manager

PJ has had an eclectic work experience, giving him the skills to find a solution to just about anything. That is what he loves to do. As the Brand Manager of RYNO, PJ is responsible for helping grow the organization through the development and execution of marketing programs that increase brand identity and awareness. Some of these responsibilities include leadership of the social media and video production teams, planning, strategizing and executing activities to improve the brand presence in the market. He is also responsible for developing and implementing brand touchpoints, and new industry relationships.

PJ is a goal-oriented person who has a passion for accomplishment and leadership. He’s been involved with many businesses where he has served in multiple capacities. One thing you’ll learn about PJ is that he loves teamwork and problem solving. If there is a problem, he will most likely find 100 ways to figure it out.

At his very best, he is able to elicit strong emotional responses from others: he’s engaging, friendly, and playful—a truly likable, dependable person. He brings the sense of trust and camaraderie to his relationships and treats everyone—including himself—as an equal. He is strongly committed and loyal to the people in his life, and works hard to build stability, security, and prosperity in every area. PJ is foundational, meaning he believes in cooperation and shared goals, helping to organize people and tackle problems. He brings a democratic approach to his dealings with others and will fight for the powerless and disenfranchised as they would for themselves. He is motivated to “do the right thing” himself. He is guided by his conscience and concerned with maintaining ethical standards, but also flexible and gentle about applying principles—both with himself and with others. He’s truthful and reasonable—the kind of person others turn to for direction and clear feedback.

PJ has a passion for philanthropy and is the proud Co-founder of “I’m MAD Are You?” Campaign Projects. The organization volunteers and partners with vision-matched persons bringing awareness to how they are making a difference within their community. Some of these organizations include:

  • The Ryan House
  • The George Mark Children’s House
  • Jostens Renaissance
  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • Voices for the Voiceless
  • State 48

PJ will always make time for the things that matter the most which is his family, faith, creativity, and health. Some days you will catch him creating new songs on his ukulele, or spontaneously going to the skate park. There will be moments where he is deep into books or crafting new designs for whatever idea pops into his head. Most of the time you will see him with his family. If he’s not, he’s probably running outside at the hottest time of the day!

PJ is an Arizona native, living in Glendale since 1992. He is the father of two girls, Avalyn (6), and Emery (3), and married to Jessica going on 6 six years.