Stephanie Vik

About Stephanie

Lead Web Designer

One of my first memories with RYNO was landing a job with a cookie cake that won the team’s hearts! My life has changed so much since I started with RYNO. I’ve grown a lot both personally and professionally, and I have my RYNO fam and the Yano’s to thank for that! I was born profoundly deaf, but with the use of a cochlear implant am able to hear. I also rely on reading lips to understand people. It is a continuous struggle, but it’s a challenge I accept and am ready to tackle every day! My RYNO fam has been very accommodating with my needs and I am forever grateful for that.

Being a web designer is my dream job. I love being able to design a layout and figure out where everything is going to go, and how it will be laid out. Every design has to tell a story of the company, and I love being able to showcase that through the design. I also lead the design team, and while I might be biased, I truly believe we have the best team around!

In my personal time, I love cuddling with my corgi/chihuahua dog, Cheerio. I’m an extrovert and love hanging out with my family, friends and going to new places. I didn’t have the opportunity to travel early in my life, but in the last few years ago I’ve been blessed to be able to. The beautiful countries I’ve been to so far are Bali, Iceland, Ireland, and Honduras. I can’t wait to see more of the world!