At RYNO, we’re committed to fulfilling our motto, “We Exist To Grow Your Business…PERIOD.” In addition to our innovative home services digital marketing strategies and RYNOtrax© total transparency reporting, evolving and improving our company culture plays a huge part in how we stay ahead of the curve. By focusing on growing and improving our team, we can add greater value to the services we provide to our customers. With the addition of our Misogi Journey, continued community involvement programs, and a steadfast commitment to ongoing education, we’re doing all we can to make RYNO the best it can be for both our team members and clients.

Culture isn’t all we’re fostering, either. We’re always looking for ways to help our clients and add value to the entire home services industry. We launched a successful podcast this year, and we’re bringing on exceptional guests to share their insights and wisdom…completely free for you! Add to that exciting partnerships with Gary Vaynerchuk and The Sasha Group, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and Schedule Engine, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made in 2020. Let’s take a look.

To The Point Podcast - Chris Yano

To The Point

The Home Services Podcast that gives back! We started To The Point this year as a way to share wisdom and valuable industry insights from guests with a wide variety of expertise. Our incredible lineup has included names like Michael E. Gerber, Ken Goodrich, Barton James, and James Orsini, among many others. It’s just one of the ways we’re giving back to the trades, and so far, you’ve made it clear that you’re enjoying the episodes! Each conversation is completely free to listen to on all major podcast platforms, and we’re even including a full-length blog with each episode. The show is just getting started, and we have some big things in store for To The Point.

Episode Highlights

Before and After

One of our favorite things to see is a great before and after story for websites. We recently created a brand new website for Beltway HVAC, and we think the pictures speak for themselves!
RYNO Strategic Solutions - Beltway Before and After
The campaign for Beltway was an immediate success, including a 12% Organic ranking increase with the new launch.
Conversion rate is up over 5% since the beginning of the year for their PPC campaign. Plus, user engagement on the website has increased across desktop, mobile, and tablet since launching the new site.

Partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk and the Sasha Group

We’re very excited about our continued partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk and the Sasha Group here at RYNO. This strategic partnering has allowed us to gain access to the invaluable educating, consulting, and marketing services available from the Sasha Group to help RYNO and our clients succeed.
Team RYNO with Gary Vaynerchuk

By The Numbers

Lowest CPL

Burkholders Logo The lowest Cost Per Lead (CPL) to date this year goes to Burkholders, who were able to achieve a $5.17 CPL in January. If you’re interested in knowing your CPL but don’t know how to calculate it, we can help! Simply add up your total marketing spend, add up your new leads for the month, and divide your marketing spend by new leads earned.

Highest Lead Conversion Rate

Marklein Plumbing Logo So far, the highest conversion rate achieved by one of our clients in 2020 was 30.23% by Marklein Plumbing! Lead conversion rate measures the percentage of new visitors to your website that converted into a new lead opportunity. To calculate your lead conversion rate, simply take the total number of lead opportunities generated that month and divide that by the total number of new visitors to the site in the same month. For example, 20 leads/100 unique (new) visits = 20% CVR. (EX. 20 leads/100 unique (new) visits = 20% CVR).

Employee Spotlight: Chad Mueller

“I’m Chad Mueller and I joined the stampede in 2015 as a Front End Web Developer. Since then, I have had the opportunity to fulfill a variety of responsibilities for our team including website and system creation, automation, server infrastructure management, and training.

What I enjoy most about working with RYNO is how painless decision-making is when all that you have to do is think to yourself, “which path will have the greatest impact toward growth for our client?”. Knowing that my actions are always supported by every member of the team when this is the driving force behind them provides me with the confidence to make an impact each and every day. After all, the mission at RYNO is clear, we exist to help others grow their businesses above everything else and that is what I am here for.

My journey with RYNO began after working for 6 years in the technology space at, the largest domain and hosting provider in the world. While this ramped up my career, my passion for the internet began long beforehand as I spent my adolescent years working with web technologies and tinkering online.

Although I do spend a lot of my free time exploring the latest in web engineering, when I am not training robots you will likely find me exercising at the gym, hiking, and cycling around the sensational Arizona scenery. I enjoy everything from hackathons to spartan races and have tried just about every taco shop in town.”

“RYNO is a small, but powerful company who is able to customize to the clients needs and give one on one attention.”

Misogi Journey

The Misogi Journey is a RYNO benefit for employees, where we provide up to $1000 to team members to do something they’ve always wanted to do. It can be experiential or learning a new skill…the only rule is it CANNOT be something you would typically do.

Misogi Journey Spotlight: Paul Redman

Paul Redman - Misogi Goal - RYNO Strategic Solutions “So, when we initially rolled out the Misogi benefit to our team, I didn’t know what exactly would qualify for a Misogi experience. At that point, I was not really clear on what I would choose. Naturally, I wanted to lean toward some sort of travel & endurance type of event. But here is the catch, I would NORMALLY do something like that, so that would not qualify. That is the beauty of the Misogi, you have to dig deep to really consider something that you would not normally do. In casual conversation, someone used the analogy to describe the Misogi as “Like Paul learning to Hip Hop Dance”, and so my Misogi was gifted to me by public opinion as an example of a good Misogi experience.

Let me set the stage for you. I have hired my daughter’s Hip Hop Dance teacher for private lessons. He has agreed to work with me directly following her class. So here I am, in my normal pick up line outside of the classroom waiting with the other parents and watching our daughters finish their class. Immediately after the class, I walk in. I am already drenched in sweat with nerves. There is a two way mirror in the classroom, and on the other side are dozens of parents waiting for their children to finish the other classes. I can only imagine the confusion and I walk IN to an empty classroom, shake hands with the instructor and stand there awkwardly as he asks me what kind of music I want to listen to. At this point, I am horrified, and I have not even started dancing yet. The next thing the instructor says is, “Ok, let’s just start by bouncing a little”. I respond, “bounce a little?”! I could not even comprehend what that meant. So I just started bouncing. Like a mix between a baby bunny and a giraffe. It was not pretty.”

“So far I am only 3 classes into this experience, but the impact has been real. What I did not realize going into this experiment, is just how much I try to avoid looking foolish. Perhaps it was because I was very tall and gangly at an early age, or perhaps it is simply pride, but I really try to avoid situations that make me look “goofy”. This experience has forced me to accept that there are other people on the side of the two-way mirror that are going to question and perhaps even laugh or maybe even judge me. So I am fully anticipating being able to learn how to dance, but perhaps that is not what I really needed to learn in the first place. The biggest takeaway so far is how transformative it can be to let go of insecurities around your personal capability, and how by committing to learning something new and sharing the experience with others can inspire others to get a little uncomfortable.”

Community Involvement

RYNO is always looking for ways to make a difference in our community. Giving back is an integral part of our company and culture. Here are some of the contributions we’re proud to showcase:

Heart for Home Services - RYNO Strategic Solutions

Heart For Home Services

Heart for Home Services is a movement to bring awareness to the Home Services Community, awareness for essential businesses, and prompt others to get creative in the way they are servicing their clients, customers, and/or employees, and how they are making a difference in their community.

No Contact Service Calls - RYNO Strategic Solutions

No Contact Service Calls Badge

The No Contact Service Calls Badge was created for companies to let their customers know that they are taking the right precautions to make sure their team members and customers are kept safe in the midst of the global pandemic. We have sent the badge to thousands of businesses free of charge who are using it to give their clients peace of mind. If you’re interested in adding the badge to your site, all you have to do is ask!

RYNO Give-A-Way

RYNO Website Giveaway Winner - Arizona Small Dog Rescue The RYNO Give-A-Way was a marketing giveaway to an Arizona-local nonprofit organization. As a leading digital marketing company, we believe in the spirit of giving and understand that having a digital presence is increasingly important! We wanted to do something special in the midst of the tough times as we know donations are hard to come by. As a company, we held nominations for a nonprofit to receive a new website, strong content, professional video and pictures, Google My Business optimization and management, and social posting and recommendations from our team—completely free of charge! The results for the giveaway were amazing!

We had 15 nominees, with 3 well-deserving finalists: H.E.L.P. (Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership), Operation Enduring Gratitude, and Arizona Small Dog Rescue. All 3 are incredible organizations that deserve recognition. Our 2nd and 3rd place finalists, Operation Enduring Gratitude and H.E.L.P., respectively, each received a donation of $500 and professional video content. Picked by the public, the winner of the Give-A-Way was Arizona Small Dog Rescue!

Remote Growth: A Milestone

While COVID-19 certainly brought on challenges, it also created opportunities for RYNO to shine. During the peak of the pandemic, we successfully hired and onboarded 6 new RYNO members almost exclusively remotely by utilizing Zoom and Google Hangouts. This was an important moment for us, and highlighted our creativity and ability to achieve success and growth during even the most difficult of times.

Second-Half Goals

Even with a successful first-half of the year, we’re already setting our sights on the remainder of 2020. We have three major goals for our team:

  • Add another strategic partner
  • Design four killer landing pages to increase PPC conversions
  • Give RYNOtrax a facelift with additional reporting data

Charging Ahead

As we look back on our progress in 2020, we’re proud of what RYNO has been able to accomplish. Our team has grown exponentially, and we have developed more and more ways to improve our offerings for our clients. The year has not been without trials, but our commitment to both improving our team and helping businesses grow continues to drive us forward. We’re ever-confident in meeting our goals for the remainder of the year, and eagerly anticipate achieving success for both our team and our clients in the months ahead.