For the month of April 2022, our in-office team at RYNO traveled to St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Phoenix for our volunteer day! We chose St. Vincent de Paul because of their dedication to serving those in need and providing others with the opportunity to help their community. We helped in the kitchen doing various tasks such as making sandwiches, bagging food and putting together pizzas. Some of us worked in the warehouse sorting bins of donated food. It was a great experience getting to bond with our fellow co-workers and also help support St. Vincent de Paul in their mission to serve the community.

RYNO Phoenix Volunteers

When asked what they thought about our April Service Day, some of our RYNO’s had this feedback for us:

“It was an incredible experience to be able to pack boxes of food we knew were going to people who truly needed it. We were able to help in two areas of this charity by making lunch and sorting all the food we sent out. By the time we were done we had prepared so much to be sent out and it felt so great to know people were going to eat because we took time to help the community. It always puts things in perspective and I always look forward to our volunteer days.” -Ryan Baker

“It’s always such a rewarding experience to give back to the community while bonding with my fellow RYNO’s! I spent my service day packaging non perishable food to be added to lunches for those less fortunate. At the time it doesn’t seem like much, but when I think about the larger scope of things, something we spent few hours doing made all the difference in someone’s day! It’s such a gift to be part of an organization that has the bandwidth to give back each month!” -Kat Kish

Our remote team of RYNO’s served their communities in their respective locations as well! Some of the locations our remote RYNO’s volunteered at included: New Hope Christian Church, Habitat for Humanity, Arkansas Food Bank, Learning Ally, Prairie Creek Baptist Church, Soroptimist House of Hope, and Breakfast Burrito Club. The remote RYNO’s did activities such as renovating churches, sorting boxes and filling them with non-perishables, helping out with the church garden, cleaning up litter, helping with non-profit marketing, helping people with disabilities with reading and so much more!

When asked why they chose these particular organizations they had a lot of wonderful things to say. Monica Werner had this to say about Soroptimist House of Hope:

“I chose this organization because I feel it is important for women to have a safe place to go when recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. I have been a long-time volunteer and friend of this non-profit organization. They are such a wonderful group of ladies who truly care.”

When asked about why he volunteered with Learning Ally, Zack West said:

“I chose Learning Ally because the goals of the organization are near and dear to my heart. Helping others be able to read, especially those with learning disabilities is an incredible experience. I love that I can help provide Literature Quality Assurance for the organization’s audiobooks that are specifically designed to enable those with learning disabilities and/or literacy struggles to enjoy reading.”

Our remote RYNO’s have the challenge of finding non-profit organizations on their own to fulfill their required service hours each month, and it’s always so interesting to see what kind of organizations make the final cut. Volunteer opportunities can be found almost anywhere and for so many great causes. When our in-office employees and our remote employees give back to their community every month, someone gets help that they otherwise might not receive. Whether it’s school lunches, clothing, a cleaner environment, renovations or a new home, even emotional support, every little bit helps!

Our team has always believed in supporting one another not just in our work day, but in real life as well. That desire to support and build up one another extends beyond our office and into the world. With the opportunities and privileges we’ve been given, we have the time and manpower to go out and help others with a day of service each month. We’ll continue to serve our community and give back for years to come!

If you’re located in Arizona and interested in working with a wonderful non-profit organization that gives back to its community by feeding, clothing, housing and helping healing those in the community that need it most, you can can reach out to St. Vincent de Paul and make a difference in someone’s life today!