RYNO Strategic Solutions, the leading digital marketing agency for the home services industry, has announced a new partnership with Just Share Media!

RYNO Strategic Solutions and Just Share Media are both passionate about helping roofing contractors grow and get to the next level. By partnering with Just Share Media, we can recommend an incredible, yet affordable video production platform from a trusted organization.

“We know that video is a compelling and powerful way to reach new customers and to help convert prospects. But producing new, timely, and professional videos has historically been very costly. RYNO is excited to partner with Just Share Media to elevate the sales and promotion experience in the roofing industry, like we have done the past 14 years in digital marketing for HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical,” said RYNO CEO Chris Yano. “The team at Just Share Media is well known and well respected in the roofing industry. They know how to make amazing, professional videos for recruiting or promotion that allow the contractor to customize the creative with their own logo and branding. We believe this could be a game-changer for roofing contractors who are ready to elevate the customer experience, whether that’s on the website, social media, e-mail, or during a sales presentation.”

Jeff Bowab, Vice President of Sales at RYNO is says, “I’m incredibly excited that RYNO is partnering up with Just Share Media. I’ve known Ryan and Allen since RYNO entered the roofing space and couldn’t be prouder to work with them. Effective digital marketing paired alongside professional video is a powerful combination for any roofing contractor looking to grow. I’m fired up to see how far this can go!”

While Just Share Media was founded in 2020, the company has deep roots in the roofing space. Allen Mick, Founder, is a third-generation roofer and has worked in the industry for years. Ryan Landis, Founder, has been creating high quality videos for over 15 years. “High quality marketing content, generally in the form of professionally filmed and edited videos, is what many roofing companies are lacking. Partnering with a leader in the digital marketing space for home services will help connect us to more contractors to deliver amazing services and solutions for the roofing industry,” said Ryan.

“RYNO has a proven track record in helping roofing contractors and other service companies grow using digital marketing,” says Allen Mick. “We were looking to take Just Share Media to the next level, and we felt this partnership was a no-brainer. Our video subscription platform gives our contractors access to hundreds of world-class production videos. Aligning with a world-class digital marketing agency in RYNO made sense on many levels.”