Does your website show your customers what your company looks like? It is really important to showcase your company, technicians, and culture on your website. It’s like when you go to the grocery store, you will see the logo on the building, then when you walk in, you’ll recognize the company’s employees because of the logo on their shirts. You will also see the employees engaging with customers and helping them. That right there tells a story and validates that the customer just walked into the right store. The same principle applies to your website. You want your potential customers to pick up the phone and call your company for service or installation. Your website has to sell! A great marketing investment would be to hire a professional photographer to take photos of your company. In order to do that, here are some things to take into consideration when having your photos done.

Company Photos

Team Photo for HVAC Company It’s extremely important to showcase your team to potential customers. Be proud of the professionals that you have representing your company. Customers like it when companies get personal because being personal leaves a bigger impression on them, and they will remember who you are. One nice option would be to have your employees positioned outside in front of your vehicles. It’s also nice to have a team photo of the owners and/or leadership team.

Be sure to include photos of your customer service representatives on the phone in the office and photos of company leaders working with each other in the office.

Vans / Trucks / Fleet

HVAC Fleet A customer is going to want to know what kind of vehicle to expect when you arrive at a job. The vehicle is like the cover of the book. It’s the first thing we see before the actual work is performed by your team. Include different shots of your vehicles, driving down a residential neighborhood and owner(s) or team members standing right next to the vehicles. If you had your vehicles wrapped by a wrap company, make sure you obtain files from them that shows your vehicles wrapped with an isolated background.

Having images of your vehicles wrapped on an isolated background will allow plenty of flexibility for your design team to work with when it comes to your website.

Technicians Working on Systems

Technician Working on HVAC System Show your customers why your team is the best! These images should include technicians working on systems, servicing systems, and repairing systems. If you offer more services such as duct cleaning, ductwork, and indoor air quality testing, it’s nice to show visuals of that since some people don’t really know what those jobs entail. When people go to your website, they’re not looking to read your pages without a visual reference. They want to see photos and be easily convinced in minutes to fill the form out or call to make an appointment. If your technicians wear booties to keep your customers’ houses clean, show that. It’s better to show more about why customers should choose your company over others.

Potential customers would rather pick a company that looks real and show authentic photos over another company that has stock images splattered all over their website. Be sure your technicians are dressed appropriately. Customers are going to want to know how your technicians dress so they are expecting the right people to show up at their door. For example, if your logo is blue and your team wears blue shirts — they’ll expect that at the door, not technicians that are wearing white shirts or any other color than blue.

Technicians Engaging with Customers

Technician Engaging with Customer This is a great opportunity to show your potential customers what kind of relationship your team can provide. This can show that your team has good communication and will walk customers through every part of the process which is really important to the customer. They do not want you to fix their system then just leave without explaining what was done and what happened.

Show that your team cares about helping customers and not just that you’re in it for the job or money.

Installers Installing New Systems (Indoor and Outdoor)

HVAC Installation If you offer installations and replacements, we strongly encourage showing the installation process. Make sure you have photos of your installers arriving, taking the new unit out and preparing for installation.

Whether it’s inside or outside, show that your team can keep the space clean and tidy during the installation process. Customers will want to see that you will take care of their space like it’s your own.

We highly recommend hiring a photographer for professional photos, it will be a great investment for your company. If you are unable to do so, see which employee has a creative eye and enlist them to take pictures. If you are unsure about taking a photo of your employee because of them potentially leaving the company later, let the photographer know that so they can take photos of them without really showing their face so that way you can still use the photos if the employee ever parts ways with your company.

We promise you that you will not regret making this sound investment for your company by having professional photos taken!
Photos Provided By: Southern Comfort Mechanical | Summit Heating & Cooling

Author: Stephanie Vik, Lead Web Designer