Here at RYNO Strategic Solutions, we set our fellow RYNOs up for success from the moment they walk in the door. That means continuing to grow both personally and professionally! As part of our employment, we spend time each month focused on education. In fact, we each have our own education budget to use – paid for by the company! The purpose of this is to learn a new process, get certified in a particular area, or optimize our skillsets.

RYNOs Love to Learn!

We love to showcase some of the exciting things our RYNOs have used their education budget on! From getting drone certified to attending industry-relevant conferences, we take full advantage of the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Ryan Baker – Drone Certification

Ryan Baker, Digital Content Producer, chose to become drone certified for multiple reasons. One, in order to be able to fly commercially. He says he needed to have a drone license in order to prepare for client videos. Ryan says that it’s an added value to his skillset, making him more valuable for RYNO as a content producer.

“I have wanted to learn for years, and being able to use my education budget to get certified took a huge weight off my shoulder. Even though it is not the most expensive certification in the world, it is still more than I am usually comfortable spending. Now not only can I use this to fly for RYNO but I can freelance as a drone operator and continue to make money with this skill” Ryan, Digital Content Producer

Ryan not only learned about flying a drone but also the basics of being a pilot. This course taught him how to read section charts and about aerial photography and videography. Getting the hands-on training with the instructor helped give him the knowledge and skillset to be able to handle a drone more comfortably.

Jarrett Jensen – SEO Certification with AMA

Jarrett Jensen, SEO Analyst, used RYNO’s paid education program to get his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certification through the American Marketing Association (AMA). He’s one of our more recent additions to the SEO team and has always been eager to grow. When asked what he thought of the education requirement, he had this to say:

“It not only contributes to my personal growth, but helps foster a culture of learning within the company…RYNO is the first company that has ever provided resources for continuing my education, and I’ve very grateful for that.”Jarrett, SEO Analyst

Stephanie Vik – Adobe Max

Stephanie says she chose Adobe Max because it’s a conference for all creatives who use Adobe. They have a ton of classes and workshops to attend. She mentions that Adobe is constantly updating their programs so it’s really important to continue to learn the new tools they add to their programs.

“It felt like going to Disneyland but instead it was Designerland! I wanted to be able to connect with other creatives that were on my level or higher.”Stephanie, Creative Director

She took some workshops and says it was really helpful to have a teacher and aides in the room to walk them through the project for more hands on learning, rather than trying to figure it out themselves or look up YouTube videos that might be confusing. She says being in that kind of environment really brought out her creativity and sparked some new ideas for the team back at RYNO with for processes, workflow and programs.

Our Core Values Are What Makes a RYNO!

Each RYNO Strategic Solutions employee has access to a yearly education budget of $2,000. This budget can be used to enroll in a class, order an online seminar, purchase reading material, and so on. It’s an integral part of our core values, and one we’re incredibly proud to showcase. Each month, we’re working on not just doing right by our clients – we’re focused on improving ourselves as well!