Google Local Services Ads (LSA)

Get more from Google Local Services Ads with RYNO Strategic Solutions!

You’ve probably heard of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. But are you utilizing pay-per-lead? With Google Local Services Ads (LSA), you’re only paying for real leads from real customers!

Google’s LSA platform is vital for service businesses small and large to stay in front of the competition and at the top of search results. You can easily target potential customers searching for specific services in your service area, and only have to pay when a true lead comes your way. Not only is LSA a great lead generation tool, it’s also incredibly cost-effective when considering that you aren’t being charged for something that isn’t a real opportunity to boost your bottom line.

Why is Google LSA Important for Your Business?

Did you know that Google Local Services Ads account for almost 14% of clicks on local search results? According to research from BrightLocal, it’s true! While organic city and service pages and PPC campaigns are a must, LSA is a huge piece of capturing every possible lead for your business. Without it, you’re losing a ton of awareness and lead generation potential without even realizing it.

Why Google LSA is Important for Your Business

Consumers searching for the services you offer will see Local Services Ads at the top of Google results, even above PPC ads, Maps, and organic SEO pages. That means having a targeted and professionally-managed LSA profile is an absolute necessity. It’s easy for your potential customer to see your Google Guaranteed business name, contact information, service hours, services, rating/reviews, photos, and more. They can compare other vetted LSA businesses, and if yours stands out from the rest – you’ll hear that phone ringing!
Lead Generation Tool with LSA

Great Lead
Generation Tool

Pay Per Lead with LSA

Only Pay Per Lead
(versus per click)

Lower Cost Per Lead with LSA

Lower Cost
Per Lead

Controllable Budget and Service Offerings through LSA

Controllable Budget /
Service Offerings

Another Listing in Local Search Results

Another Listing in
Local Search Results

Receive Real Leads From Customers Who Choose You

Only Receive Real Leads From Customers Who Choose You

How Does Google LSA Work?

Google Local Services Ads allow for businesses to advertise on Google and create a listing at the top of local search results that enable leads to come in directly from potential customers. With your LSA ad, you’ll receive phone calls and messages that you can reply to, manage, and even set up optional booking through LSA online with Google! After setting your profile’s budget that determines the potential number of leads you can receive during the week, you’re ready to start hearing the phone lines buzzing. By tailoring your budget, you can be assured that you’ll never be spending more than you have allotted for monthly lead generation through LSA.

While Google does a good job of determining if a lead is valid or not, you do have the ability to dispute a lead, if needed.

Google Local Services Ads

That’s just one of the reasons why partnering with RYNO Strategic Solutions to manage your Google LSA account can make your life easier and business more profitable!

We Know LSA Inside & Out

From setting up your customized LSA account to managing on an ongoing basis, RYNO Strategic Solutions can help you get the most out of Google Local Services Ads. Even if you prefer to manage your LSA profile yourself, we can still offer our expertise to establish and optimize your LSA account and get everything ready to go!

Self-Managed LSA Includes:
  • Complete profile set up
  • Recommended bid strategy and weekly budget based on best practices
  • Background check process started and assistance until completed
  • Professional LSA Dashboard training
  • Review of best practices and opportunities during reporting calls

If you decide that you’re ready for RYNO Strategic Solutions to fully manage your LSA account, we offer two different packages to suit your needs. For most comprehensive management including lead disputes, the management fee is set at 20% of LSA spend after successful dispute credits. With a percentage of spend approach, you can be sure your fees will move in line with lead volumes. The second option has a 15% fee and has all the same management benefits, but does not include lead disputes.

Fully-Managed LSA Includes:
  • All of the above Self-Managed items
  • Full integration into the RYNO MCC
  • Optimization of existing LSA profile
  • Full onboarding process
  • Complete optimization of your LSA account based on based practices
  • Detailed monthly reporting of your LSA calls
  • RYNO captures, listens to, and documents all incoming calls*
  • RYNO categorizes and classifies monitored calls*
  • RYNO handles lead disputes for you*
*20% fee package only

Ready to RYNO-Charge Your LSA?

RYNO Strategic Solutions is ready to help you turn your Google LSA account into a lean, mean, lead-generating machine so you boost revenue and increase your bottom line. If you’d like to learn more about our Google Local Services Ads solutions or ask our team a question, please contact us today!