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Episode 161: Memory Coaching Can Change The Game, Pt. 1

March 14, 2023

Episode 161: Memory Coaching Can Change The Game, Pt. 1

Published: March 14, 2023


If you could remember everything as a contractor…what would that do for your business and your life? We talk with 5-time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis about how to improve your memory, the implications and value of remembering, and how what’s possible with your mind is way less limited than you currently believe – with a very special guest co-host and returning To The Point legend Paul Redman!

Nelson is a renowned keynote speaker, author, and has been featured in a range of publications and programs, including The TODAY Show, The Dr. Oz Show, National Geographic, and the 2019 Netflix documentary “Memory Games.”

The Power of Memory

Memory is something we use every single day – when it works, it’s great. But what about those times when you can’t remember something you wanted to? Are we actually as limited as we think we are? When Nelson lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease, it set him on a course to understand memory. That journey ended up with Nelson becoming a 5-Time US Memory Champion, setting records along the way. Now, Nelson helps people understand how to stop limiting themselves and how to harness the power of memory.

In this episode, we explore:
  • What does World-Class Memory look like?
  • How do memory competitions work?
  • How can someone remember a whole room full of names?
  • Why focus, paying attention, and being present matter
  • Is memory capacity universal?
  • How self-belief is the main limiter when it comes to memory
  • How today’s world of notifications makes it harder for us to remember things

Harness the Power

Nelson has seen it time and time again. When people see these feats of memory, they start thinking…what if I could do that? What would that mean for my business and life? What am I actually capable of? Stay tuned for part two of this episode, where we dive into how it works and give you more actionable advice about how to use memory to improve your life!

In addition to his accolades, books, and numerous achievements, Nelson is also the CEO and Founder of Climb For Memory, a nonprofit organization for Alzheimer’s. Check it out!

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