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Episode 181: FINALLY, an Answering Service That WORKS!

August 1, 2023

Episode 181: FINALLY, an Answering Service That WORKS!

Published: August 1, 2023


On today’s episode, host Chris Yano has David Lord of Nexa in the RYNO recording studio!

David is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nexa, an all-American call answering and booking service serving thousands of customers through industries such as home services, healthcare, legal, real estate, eCommerce, technology, and more!

Nexa got its start in 1982, but they really hit their stride back in 2015. With beginnings as a family-owned and operated business with only 50 employees and 500 clients, Nexa has since grown and operated with over 600 employees and supports more than 5,000 businesses here in the USA. The company helps its customers grow and scale their business with effective and profitable call answering, client intake, inbound and outbound sales, as well as live chat and text messaging services.

What Makes a Good CSR Call?

A CSR (or customer service representative) is the first point of contact between a potential customer and your business. Communication between the two can really make or break a booking. David considers a good call to be one where the CSR gets an appointment booked, the CSR has a positive attitude, and there’s little-to-no dead air time. The call shouldn’t take too long, but also shouldn’t be over in a matter of minutes.

The key to effective booking depends on the quality of the CSR on the other side of the line.

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Hear:
  • What Makes a Good CSR Call
  • The Secret to Booking More Clients
  • How Important Having a Dedicated Answering Service is to Your Business
  • A Real Live CSR Call with a Nexa Representative!
  • RYNO’s History with Nexa
  • And more!

You won’t want to miss this live customer service exchange between Chris and an unsuspecting representative!

Booking More Customers Begins With Who Answers The Phone

When it comes to getting more customers to book appointments with you, many moving parts need to be executed in order to bring in sales. SEO strategies, creating ads, and brand awareness are all very important aspects of putting your company out there. But once the calls come in, what really seals the deal? One word: communication.

The person that answers the phone when your customers come calling is what will take your customers from “potential” to “on the books.” There are certain aspects that customers look for when they make a call. From a friendly tone to streamlined service and authentic conversations that aren’t so scripted. Having experienced and knowledgeable CSRs on the other end of the line is what will make all the difference!

If you’re a company dealing in the home services, healthcare, legal, real estate, eCommerce, or technology industry without a dedicated call answering service, get in touch with Nexa!

For more marketing advice and secrets of the trade in the home services industry, follow To The Point wherever you listen to podcasts and check out last week’s episode!

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