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Episode 187: $3 Million to 18 Million: The Buehler Legacy

September 12, 2023

Episode 187: $3 Million to 18 Million: The Buehler Legacy

Published: September 12, 2023


When we last talked to Jason Buehler, President of Buehler Air Conditioning, we were at the True Grit Service Summit 2021. Jason was covering the 3 big decisions he was scared to make that made him successful, and where he was headed.

Now, Jason has returned to update us on his journey and partnership with Rob Millock, Co-Founder & CEO of Legacy Service Partners!

Big Decisions, Big Sucess

In 2018, Jason’s company, Air Source America, was a little of 2MM in revenue. They were good at air conditioning, and good at customer service. They were doing the small things well, but they just weren’t getting the opportunities they needed to really grow. Jason partnered with KickCharge Creative and rebranded to Buehler Air Conditioning in 2019, and “Get Cooler With Buehler” was born.

By 2020, Buehler Air Conditioning had reached 5MM in revenue. In 2021, Jason met host Chris Yano at the True Grit Service Summit. In 2022, Jason attended RYNOx, and implemented what he learned. He also partnered with Legacy Service Partners that same year, and now his company is pacing for 18MM in revenue!

On this episode, we talk with Jason and Rob about:
  • Jason’s journey and big decisions he made along the way
  • Rob’s background and Legacy Service Partners
  • Being proactive as a leader
  • How to tackle being capped on intellectual capital
  • Finding the right private equity fit for your company
  • The different approach Legacy Service Partners takes with PE partnerships
  • Having the right people and grabbing talent right away
  • RYNOx and building confidence
  • Learning and evolving from tough decisions
  • And more!

You Have Options!

Jason’s journey is relatable for almost anyone making their journey through the trades or small business in general. In order to grow, you have to make some big decisions. Sometimes, that means recognizing that you need more help; more intellectual capital than you currently have at your disposal. And that’s okay! If you’re considering a partnership, the window is certainly still open. It’s never too late to start learning and evolving or to make that big decision you’ve been scared to make.


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