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Episode 19: Proven Secrets To 5X Growth In 5 Months Or Less

May 26, 2020

Episode 19: Proven Secrets To 5X Growth In 5 Months Or Less

Published: May 26, 2020

Let’s face it. Even with a great team, a solid strategy, and hard work you may still be finding yourself treading water with your business. That’s why we’re so excited to have the CEO Warrior himself, Mike Agugliaro, join us on this kick-ass episode of To The Point. CEO of CEO Warrior, Author of 17 books, mentor to the trades, and former 32-million dollar business owner, Mike shares with us his strategies, secrets, and proven formula to getting yourself unstuck and accelerating your growth to new heights.

A Turning Point

Mike is an electrician by trade, and knows firsthand what it means to grind out those long, difficult days in the industry. He started a company in 1994, and did it wrong for a decade. If you’re feeling like you’re doing it wrong right now, don’t worry. There’s hope! The turning point was when Mike’s longtime friend and partner told him he was done. Burnout had caught up with him, and Mike agreed that if he was out, they were both out. They sat down to talk, and during their conversation, they realized that maybe they just didn’t know what they were doing with the business.

This set them on a quest, and they went out and found people who knew what they were doing to help reinvigorate the company. Within ten years of that quest beginning, they took their service company from under a million to a 32-million dollar business that did heating, cooling, electric, bathroom solutions, IAQ, and more. You name it, they did, and did it with great success. Now, Mike devotes his time helping other businesses find success by sharing the secrets of how he was able to do the same.

CEO Warrior

Mike’s mission to end this suffering in business that he had to endure for others is why he started CEO Warrior. He dove headfirst into this new endeavor, and quickly realized he couldn’t give both of his businesses 100%. He never thought he’d sell his company, especially after growing to over 200 employees, 165 trucks, and doing 32 million a year, but he went to market and quickly had 11 companies competing for the business. He pulled off an incredible exit, earning an extremely high multiple on the sale. Then, he set his sights on making CEO Warrior the best organization it could be.

CEO Warrior is now a global training and implementation organization covering all over the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malta, and growing. Their mission is to remove suffering for business owners and serve over 21 industries currently. CEO Warrior events are a combination of physical and mental trials, and help business owners fix their mindset to achieve greater success.

Secret One: Be The Cheesemaker

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is a great book about two mice who deal with a problem differently. When they run out of cheese, the first mouse sits in place and waits for the cheese to return. The second mouse goes out and finds new cheese. He returns to the first mouse to tell him about the new cheese, but the first mouse refuses and decides to continue to wait for the old cheese to return. This is the mindset of a lot of contractors today. However, Johnson didn’t understand the true secret of his own analogy. The person who never has a problem in life is the cheesemaker. When you’re the cheesemaker in business, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Forget about where the cheese goes and be the cheesemaker in your market, industry, and location.

Secret Two: Embrace Mastery

Embrace the word “mastery”. Mastery isn’t a finish line. It’s an everyday new beginning. Decide each day to master something. Live in that word every day, and you’ll change how you live and think forever. Take every aspect of your business and master it.

This is the land of opportunity right now, and the year to do it. You can’t be complacent. Don’t accept the current state of things as the new norm. It’s not difficult right now, it’s different! You’re forced to grow right now. If you’re a bad leader, bad at money management, bad at culture, bad at marketing–it’s showing right now. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution for these problems. It’s a your-size fits you to where you want to go. Figure out what you want, and find out how to achieve that goal. There’s only one silver bullet: you. Become a master of every aspect of your business, and you’ll start to see growth immediately.

Secret Three: Frequency

You’re not simply in the service industry, you’re in marketing. You have to market yourself and your business. Marketing is emotionally moving people from where they are to where you want them to go. There’s never been a time until now where a one-truck guy can be the authority amongst 100-truck companies.Before, you had to be in the yellow pages to participate, and the newspaper before that. It took a lot of money, and you really had to pay for it. Today, to be the authority figure, you just need social media. This is a game of being relentless.

Generating push-button leads is all about frequency. Frequency is being everywhere somebody is. Be everywhere. Hand out business cards, be active on all platforms. You have to stay in front of your audience 24/7. To do this well, you’ll want to align yourself with the best marketers possible.

Reprogramming for Success

The world has programmed everybody how to think with ideas like chasing the proverbial cheese , mindset, and a 4-hour workweek. There’s an obsession with finding a “genie’s lamp”, which we can call the lottery, for example. Think of the wishes you’d ask a genie if you found this lamp. Would you ask for fortune? Happiness? Would you request a successful business? Now, imagine that the genie won’t grant a wish that you can grant yourself. You can be happy, you can earn a fortune, and you can most certainly create a successful business. Stop buying into the fallacy that you can’t do this without some magical stroke of luck. Change your mindset, and focus on mindgrowth.

Service Business LIVE

Are you currently feeling like you’re stuck? Want to see Mike in action? There’s an incredible chance headed your way, and you can’t afford to miss it. This June 2nd-June 4th, Service Business Growth Intensive is hosting a live virtual training session with the best minds in the industry. You won’t be sitting through boring positivity speeches; you’ll be getting your hands dirty creating a battle plan to take your business to the next level. Space is limited, but you can still reserve your seat if you act fast. While your competitors are sitting on their hands, grab this chance to invest in your growth. We’ll see you there!

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