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Episode 215: Humble Beginnings to Industry Giants – The Journeys of Home Services Legends

April 2, 2024

Episode 215: Humble Beginnings to Industry Giants – The Journeys of Home Services Legends

Published: April 2, 2024

Welcome to part two of our Legends Panel, live from RYNOx 2024! If you didn’t get a chance to listen to part one, check it out now!
The panel continues to answer questions from crowd about the economy, leadership, and how they see the next 5-10 years playing out in the home services industry. Are you ready?

Our Legends Panel Includes:

Legends of the Trades

What does the next decade look like for the home services industry? How do we approach the rise of online sales and the increase of direct-to-consumer HVAC sales? There are plenty of pressing issues for contractors, and our Legends Panel is here to talk through all of it.

In part two, our Legends Panel discusses:
  • How to deal with financing challenges and rising dealer fees
  • What the group thinks the industry will like in 5-10 years
  • How to benefit from the increase in ecommerce
  • The future of private equity in the home services
  • What leadership qualities to look for in future leaders within your organization
  • Whether the election and interest rates are worth worrying about
  • And more!

Winning No Matter What

One thing’s certain about our Legends Panel: each member has grown their businesses regardless of external factors they couldn’t control. In today’s home services world, there’s plenty of things we could blame our failures on. These leaders don’t do that. They are constantly looking for ways to get better no matter what the weather, economy, or market may bring.

Stay tuned next week for another exciting episode!

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