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Episode 224: How This COO Took This HVAC business from $6M to $20M in 5 years

June 4, 2024

Episode 224: How This COO Took This HVAC business from $6M to $20M in 5 years

Published: June 4, 2024


Going from 6MM to 20MM in 5 years in the competitive market of Southern California is no joke! That’s why we’re so excited to have on Michael Goater, COO of Environmental Heating & Air Solutions on To The Point!

A big recurring theme on the podcast is how, in order to get to where you want to go, it’s a huge step in the right direction to learn from those who are already there. If you’re a smaller to mid-sized contractor, this is a fantastic episode for you. Even if you’re a 50MM+ contractor, this episode dives into some of those things that you might get lost when growing to such a large size.

Massive Growth in A Competitive Market

Founded in 2011 by Mattew Evans, Environmental Heating & Air Solutions is now a 20MM company – but it started at 0. And in 2018, when Michael joined, he was joining a 6MM contractor and coming from a background of training. With 100% residential add-ons and service and only HVAC, together the pair has grown the company rapidly in a highly competitive market.

One of the biggest factors in their growth Michael credits to visiting other contractors like Rusty Cochran at We Care to ask the right questions and learn what they’re doing that works

In this episode, hosts Chris and Chad talk to Michael about…
  • His background in the trades and training
  • Joining Environmental Heating & Air Solutions in 2018 and the growth from then until now
  • Positioning the company as a premium solution, with average tickets around $24,000
  • How a background in training translated to being COO of a company
  • What his day-to-day operations look like
  • The importance of not just throwing bodies/labor at problems
  • Correcting an overstaffing problem, and the positive results that took place as a result
  • Why visiting other shops is imperative, and Michael’s continued goal to visit more
  • How to deal with conflict and be on the same page as your business partners
  • And more!

The Right Foundation for Success

After correcting for overstaffing last year and making sure everyone onboard was in it to win it, Michael and his team are on pace to more than match last year’s revenue with less staff in every department, less callbacks, and less problems. That’s the power of having the right people, and putting a priority on learning from others.

With the right foundation in place, Michael and Matt are positioned to continue their success in the years to come. And after back-to-back Dave Lennox Awards, we have no doubt they’ll find it!


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