What is LSA?

Google’s Local Services Ads, LSA, or Google Guaranteed is a pay-per-lead ad that sits above the traditional pay-per-click, organic, and any search results. Google Guaranteed is for Home services where Google Screened is for Professional Services. These ads target local consumers who want a local home services business. Google Guaranteed allows the consumer to connect with an advertiser that is backed by Google’s Guarantee. The listing will show, business numbers, ratings and reviews, and hours. This allows the consumer to quickly pick a business to connect with. Online search starts with Google, and Google’s landscape is always evolving to help the end-user find the best and fastest responses. With the landscape changing the local business owners need to adapt and be flexible with the changes. Local Service Ads have changed and continue to change to help the consumer and the business owners.

Why LSA Today?

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits on why you would want to advertise in the Local Services ads.

  • Google Guaranteed green checkmark. This shows that you have gone through the process to be google guaranteed. There are steps that a business must take to get this green checkmark.
  • Pay per lead – is a huge benefit VS pay per click. Not only is it pay per lead, but as a business, you also can dispute leads that come through that your business does not service or cover that area.
  • Voice Search Response LSA’s come back as results in voice searches. This is another way to get in front of your targeted audience in the moment.
  • The budget you control how much you want to pay for a lead. You control how much you spend a week and the types of jobs/services you want to be seen for. You have more control.

If they are backed by Google, I’m in!

Google has truly created a win-win scenario! Rest assured their services booked are by qualified and trusted professionals. Google offers up to $2000 return on the cost of services if it doesn’t pan out to your liking. Google stands behind its elite dealers. By seeing that guarantee, it shows clients have gone through a required four-step verification process. It consists of a background check, License check, Insurance check, and validation of a legitimate business.

How is LSA different and how is a local business charged?

The best practices for LSA are the 3R’s; Radius, Reviews, and Responsiveness. Radius allows clients to set relevant zip codes of the area they want to serve. Reviews will enable the client to ask consumers for business reviews. Responsiveness is up to the client; however, it is best to answer as many calls as you can.

Local Services ads only charge for the leads associated with the company or offered services. The company sets its own budget and controls what a lead will look like. Local Services by Google works with the budget set by the business. You can increase or reduce your spending amount at any time, and even pause ads altogether. Ads are easy to set up and paid out per lead, only paying for leads relevant to the specific business. Most leads are phone-based and can connect with customers on the go.The price of a lead will depend on location, service, and type of lead (call vs. message). These leads are classified as archived, booked or disputed. When the monthly maximum budget is reached, any leads received after that will be credited back to the business. Everything can be set up and managed in a company’s Google account.

Does a LSA account need to be properly monitored?

Yes! As leads are captured, the calls need to be reviewed in order to determine if the lead is booked, disputed or archived. With Google Local Services ads, companies have the opportunity to dispute leads that they believe to be invalid.

Per Google, the following is considered a valid lead and will not be approved for dispute:
  • Receiving a text or email from a customer
  • Receiving a voicemail from a customer
  • Answering a voicemail from a customer
  • Receiving a missed call from a customer and following up with a call, email, or text
Google defines a lead as “invalid” if:
  • The service requested is not listed on their profile
  • The Client does not service the customer’s locations
  • Solicitation or wrong numbers
  • Being charged twice for the same customer within 15 days
  • Not receiving valid contact information

A business can dispute a lead electronically or contact the Google support team directly. A business can only dispute potentially invalid leads within 60 days. Once a dispute is overturned, the charge will be credited back to the business account. It is crucial to set up an account listing specific services offered so Google will count it as a valid lead.

Managing an LSA account is time-sensitive and a time-consuming process. Finding a digital marketing company that specializes in LSA such as RYNO is very valuable and beneficial for growth and rankings. Getting onboard the LSA train TODAY attracts more quality leads, positions a business to show up in more relevant places and gains a badge of honor to display proudly!