Checking out how your company appears in the Google search results page can be very tempting, especially if you are working with a marketing team outside of your own organization. If you’ve done this before, you’re probably wondering where your PPC and LSA ads are, or why you aren’t ranking very high despite taking stock in your company’s ad strategy. The truth is quite simple. You’re not getting scammed. You’re just not the target audience for your own business! There’s more to it than just that, however. To clear things up, let’s go over why you shouldn’t google your own company to see how you’re ranking.

Google Operates on an Algorithm

First things first. The method by which Google operates is not all black and white. Imagine for a moment you’re reading a newspaper (yes, a physical, paper newspaper). You’ve got the big headline on the front above the fold and then several less intriguing stories beneath it. As you pull apart the pages, you’ll find more articles and ads that become less and less important to you as you sift through your newspaper. Now imagine that same newspaper is being sold to everyone else in the country, but their headlines, supporting articles and advertisements are different from yours and based on their own personal order of importance. Google is like a never-ending, digital newspaper tailored to your interests, location, and search history. It can appear differently to everyone, even if they’re searching for the same topic.

Many factors can play into what kind of search results you receive in Google. With that in mind, your Google ads are going to be served to your custom target audience. If you work in the trades, your audience is probably going to be:

  • Homeowners
  • On average, people aged 35 or older
  • People searching for your service in the area
  • Commercial business owners
  • Families that have recently moved to the area

No two users are going to be the same, even if they’re searching for the same exact keyword.

With this in mind, it proves very counterproductive to be the audience of your own advertisements. The Google search engine results page is designed to show each individual user the articles and landing pages that are most relevant to their needs, personal profile, and past search history. Trying to google your own business to see your PPC and LSA’s will only hurt your marketing efforts because your spend should be used on quality leads, not your own clicks! If you’re really curious as to how you’re performing on the Google SERP, you can take a look at your metrics and see exact performance details within your Google Ads page.

Googling Your Business Can Hurt Your Website’s SEO

Believe it or not, googling your own business can actually hurt your website’s SEO. Searching for your own company may generate impressions, but it doesn’t result in a click. That lowers your click-thru-rate (CTR) and can ultimately negatively impact your SERP rank. The way it works is that if you google your business, see your own website, and move on without clicking through it, you’re telling Google that your search results were unhelpful, further reducing your rank.

“If you google your business, see your own website, and move on without clicking through it, you’re telling Google that your search results were unhelpful, further reducing your rank.”

When using Google Ads to promote your company, googling yourself can actually damage your ad performance and result in wasted funds. Furthermore, if you see your own ad (which you shouldn’t) and you click on it (which you really shouldn’t) then you’re wasting time on yourself. Meanwhile if you see your own ad and ignore it, you’re telling Google that your ad wasn’t helpful and isn’t helpful for others. This can reduce your rankings even more and affect your ad’s performance. This is a lose-lose scenario, and the lesson here is that it’s better to trust the process and leave it alone.

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