Google’s Local Services Ads (LSA) platform helps businesses in the service industry businesses to stay in front of their competition and at the top of the fold on the search results page. With LSA, your campaign can rope in leads from interested customers in the area searching for the services specific to your business. Even better, you’ll only be charged when a legitimate lead rolls in! LSA is a vital lead generation tactic.

Additionally, it’s cost-effective, so you aren’t emptying your pockets over leads that don’t go anywhere or targeted audiences that aren’t valuable to your business.
LSA: What it is & How it Works

What is a Local Service Ad?

LSA, or Local Services Ads by Google, are ads targeting local consumers who want a local business’s services. These pay-per-lead ads sit above the traditional pay-per-click, organic, and other search results. Through Google Guaranteed, consumers can connect with an advertiser greenlit by Google itself.

You can see the business’s phone number, photos, ratings, reviews, & hours of operation. With this information front & center of the SERP (search engine results page), customers can easily decide which of their options they want to go with for services.
Why Google LSA is Important for Your Business

How do Local Services Ads Work?

As previously mentioned, Local Services Ads enable businesses to come out on top with Google advertising by generating above the fold in the SERP. This is created through Google Guaranteed in the Google Ads space.

The leads that come in because of a successful local service ad are only paid for when they are actually legitimate. They only target audiences in the area looking for these services. When your LSA is active, you’ll start to receive phone calls and messages from interested consumers that are easy to reply to, easily managed, and even booked through Google should you decide to set this up. Once you set up your profile’s budget, this will determine the estimated number of leads you can expect receive during the week so you know what to anticipate!

With your budget carefully crafted, you’ll be prepared for an estimated number of leads as well as an estimate for the projected earning that month with LSA specifically.

Google Local Services Ads

LSA in Relation to PPC and SEO

How does LSA work with PPC (pay-per-click-ads) and SEO (search engine optimization)?
First let’s cover what PPC and SEO are.

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What is PPC?

PPC or a pay-per-click ad is a tool of internet advertising in which a business is charged a fee each time the ad is clicked.

Through PPC, you can reel in an audience based on your location and the services offered, and you’ll only be charged when a consumer clicks the advertisement. This way, even if similar consumers are served the ad, you won’t be charged for simply showing it to them if they don’t take action.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of taking your online content or ads and optimizing (or boosting) them to generate leads or be seen by more relevant groups that are searching for the services offered in your area.

This can be done by the use of relevant/commonly searched keywords in your vertical, creating valuable content, and eye-catching ad copy, just to name a few. So how does LSA work with these two pillars of online marketing?

1 — PPC & LSA

Regarding PPC, LSA is an alternative to this popular use of online advertising. With PPC, you can target a relevant audience based on specific keywords and a target area of your choice. You’re then charged every time your PPC ad is clicked on. While this can be effective with the right ad words, budget, and overall strategy, it can also come with a downside. Every time your ad is clicked, your budget is diminished. If your website lags, your content is misleading or poorly written, or any other concerning factors appear on the page, the consumer will likely click out of the site and move on. So with that being said, you need to keep a wide eye on the quality of the landing page your PPC ad is taking the lead. Even if your landing page is pristine, you will still get the occasional click-away customer due to other factors that are out of your control.

LSA solves this problem by charging business owners when a lead is set in motion. This can include filling out an online form and submitting it, a phone call, a direct message, or whatever other methods of contact your potential customers have to use. It is more cost-effective, and, overall easier to target consumers in your area with an online footprint of looking for services relevant to your business. It only makes sense that you’d want to target leads more concisely and rewardingly.

2 — SEO & LSA

In terms of SEO, there’s a lot you can do to optimize your LSA to increase the likelihood of more leads to your business. Increasing your budget is a clear first step, as it will maximize the amount of consumers you can reach with your ad as well as how closely related they are to your criteria. You can also increase your availability to take calls, as well as your hours of operation. A consumer may need service in a pinch and might be looking for a company who can take them now. You can also optimize your LSA by extending the reach of the zipcodes you’re targeting. This can be done by increasing your location radius. Additionally, the more service options you have on your Google Local Service Ads account, the more likely you are to acquire leads. Consumers like companies that seem knowledgable and have a lot to offer.

Another pro tip: the more legitimate, 4-5 star reviews you have posted, the more likely consumers are to fill out a lead form or call you. Your potential customers aren’t going to just pick a company at random, they want to see proof from former customers that you’re worth working with. Encourage your customers to post a review after their service as best you can! You can perhaps incentivize them with a discount for a future service, just as an example.
The better your Google profile appears to the public, the more likely consumers are to reach out. Remember, potential customers love to see:
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Multiple methods of contact
  • A clean, optimized website
  • Lots of services
  • Clear hours of operation
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Need Help with your Local Service Ads?

From helping you set up your LSA account to managing other aspects of your business such as SEO, PPC, and event content, RYNO helps you get the most of Local Services Ads, and acts as a knowledgable management team you can depend on.

On the other hand, if you would like to manage your LSA profile yourself, we’re still open to offering our skillset to help you establish and get your LSA account fully ready to receive valuable leads! When you’re ready for RYNO Strategic Solutions to manage and boost your LSA account, we’re just a click or call away! If this sounds promising to you, there’s no time to waste!

RYNO Strategic Solutions is ready to take your call if you want to work with us to create Google Local Services Ads or if you have any questions about our services.

I Want to Boost My LSA Account

We offer TWO different packages to choose from, so you get a partnership that works for your business.

Our most common management fee for LSA is 20% of ad spend after successful dispute credits.


Your second management option is a smaller, 15% fee with all the bells and whistles as the first, but does not include lead disputes.