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Episode 170: The Operator Role is Critical to Successful Growth, Pt. 1

May 16, 2023

Episode 170: The Operator Role is Critical to Successful Growth, Pt. 1

Published: May 16, 2023


Do we have a show for you! Host Chris Yano and guest co-host Wyatt Hepworth speak with COO of Any Hours, Jeremy Hansen. Jeremy has been a critical part of growing Any Hour Services from a 1.5MM electrical company to the multi-service, multi-state, 100MM+ behemoth it is today.

From 1.5MM to 100MM+

Jeremy was running a new construction company in Southern Utah and going to school to be a dentist, but found himself falling in love with the trades. After one of his suppliers talked him out of being a dentist, he bought into his brother in-law, Wyatt Hepworth’s vision of taking Any Hour Services to 25MM in 10 years. Jeremy sold his business and house and joined Wyatt up in Northern Utah.

Initially, he started off helping wherever was needed – answering the phones, handling dispatching, and anything else that came up. Jeremy quickly worked his way up to being the General Manager of Any Hour Services, and the company grew at a torrid pace over the next several years. Wyatt’s vision of 25MM with numerous locations was realized in full, and all with 100% organic growth with Jeremy pushing the team forward.

In this episode, we dive into:
  • Jeremy’s story about joining Wyatt and Any Hour
  • Wyatt’s original vision for Any Hour
  • The growth of Any Hour Services
  • The birth of Any Hour Group
  • Moving away from new construction and into service
  • Adding on plumbing & HVAC
  • Keys to growing from 1.5MM to 400MM and beyond
  • And more!

Join Us for Part 2!

Jeremy has been a critical part in growing Any Hour Services from a 1.5MM new construction electrical company in Southern Utah to what it is today – a multi-service, multi-state, 100M+ behemoth…all with 100% organic growth. Not only that, he’s been a part of making Any Hour Group the over 400MM (and growing!) team that continues to build on their success as a team.

This episode has been broken up into two parts, so be sure and tune in next week to hear the second half!

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