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Episode 178: Pumping Up Your Roofing Game with Todd Price

July 11, 2023

Episode 178: Pumping Up Your Roofing Game with Todd Price

Published: July 11, 2023


On today’s episode, special host Jeff Bowab, VP of Sales at RYNO Strategic Solutions joins our guest Todd Price! Live from the Live from the 2023 Win The Storm Conference & Tradeshow Expo in Dallas, TX, Todd explains how he got into the industry and why he’s absolutely CRUSHING the game on his way to 50MM and beyond.

From Building Bodies to Building Businesses

Todd Price is CEO & Founder of Perimeter Roofing, but he wasn’t always! He’s been in the gym industry his whole life and absolutely loves fitness. However, fitness wasn’t getting Todd where he wanted to be when he was ready to get married and move on to the next chapter of his life. With a father who had been in construction and a gym buddy who was having success in roofing, Todd decided to dive right in.

After a really slow first year, things picked up. Perimeter Roofing became a top-of-mind name and Todd’s flair for social media made his company the one his competitors were mimicking. Taking a different approach to marketing allowed Todd to scale the company rapidly. From his days in the gym industry, he knew it wasn’t just about selling a product – it was about selling a vision.

In this episode, we speak with Todd about:
  • How physical fitness and running a business intertwine
  • Todd’s marketing approach to roofing that separated himself from the competition
  • Perimeter Cares
  • Utilizing realtor relationships to drive leads
  • The importance of branding in a marketing strategy
  • How your entire team’s actions reflect on your brand
  • Discipline, accountability, empathy, and leadership
  • And more!

To 50MM And Beyond

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Perimeter Roofing now has offices all over the Southeast. Todd recommends to newer contractors to learn as much as you can, and never quit. If you can have a mindset of learning to embrace failure and grow from it, the sky is the limit.

Want more of Todd Price? Go check out his website!

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