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Episode 188: How SmartAC is Changing the Game for Contractors

September 19, 2023

Episode 188: How SmartAC is Changing the Game for Contractors

Published: September 19, 2023


As we continue on our conversation about this “low demand” trend we’re seeing, we’re focused on what you need to be paying attention to as a business owner in the trades. What can contractors do internally to tighten the ship? Are there some opportunities out there that can help you separate yourself from the pack and establish yourself in the market?

We’re excited to have on Josh Teekell, CEO of SmartAC, and Chad Peterman, President & CEO of Peterman Brothers to talk about how you can make your business more efficient, smarter, and profitable!

Differentiate Yourself in the Market

Contractors in the home services industry have survived for many, many years. What are you going to do from your leader seat to push forward? In addition to focusing on getting better at the core of your business–customer service, closing rate, your CSRs, processes, etc–there are products and services out there that your competitors may not be considering that can set you apart from your competition. That’s why Chad, Ken Goodrich, and many other big players are talking about SmartAC.

Josh and SmartAC focus on the relationship between the consumer and the contractor. After extensive research and planning, they created SmartAC to address two main struggles for contractors: membership sign-up rates, and retention rates. By looking at the business value and reverse engineering the platform to be useful for contractors, what they’ve built is more than worth investigating.

In this episode, we talk to Josh and Chad about:
  • SmartAC
  • Ways contractors can differentiate themselves in the market
  • How Peterman Brothers implements SmartAC in their business
  • Benefits of SmartAC as a QC measure for installations
  • Branding/top-of-mind opportunity with SmartAC
  • How SmartAC works
  • And more!

Did you know that industry-wide, only 20% of homeowners sign up for a 2-visit plan? Some of those are signing up just for discounted repairs, and end up not resigning when the plan has expired. SmartAC tackles these issues by providing 24/7/365 value for the homeowner, resulting in improved acquisition and retention rates for the contractor.

SmartAC is a Smart Choice

SmartAC is incredibly easy to install and implement into your processes, whether that’s adding it on to your membership plans or even simply bundling it into your installs. Everything is just $10/month for the software–less than the cost of a truck wrap to get 24-hour visibility. It checks that box in your customer’s mind that they have a contractor for their needs, and the app’s dashboard is branded with your logo so they always see that. It’s an easy way to add value!

If you’re interested in learning more about SmartAC, check out or connect with Chad to learn more about the strategy to roll it out from a contractor’s perspective!

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