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Episode 194: From a Plumber to Making $30 Million a Year – Brad Bacon's Remarkable Journey in Home Services

October 31, 2023

Episode 194: From a Plumber to Making $30 Million a Year – Brad Bacon's Remarkable Journey in Home Services

Published: October 31, 2023


Everyone Loves Bacon! We’re excited to bring on Brad Bacon, Founder & CEO of Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric to the podcast.

From his start in the trades simply to make a living to having multiple successful endeavors as an entrepreneur with a mission to leave behind a legacy for his family, we can all learn quite a bit from Brad.

Building The Bacon Brand

Brad started out as a plumber in 1992 really just to start making a living. He wasn’t in love with the work, but he kept pushing forward to pay the bills and provide for his family. Working mainly in residential new construction, he started to build some good relationships with his builders. After being promoted to manager, he started learning more about the business side of things.

Brad would help a few others start their own businesses, and ended up leaving the company he was working for during the 08/09 recession. In late 2010, he decided to shoot his shot and start his own company. This was the birth of Bacon!

Starting out with one truck in his garage, Brad was taking any work he could – mainly leveraging his relationships with builders. As things progressed, he moved out the commercial side and into the service side of things to avoid the cash flow problems anyone in commercial work can relate to.

Brad was hungry to learn, and joined Nexstar to become better. He’s the first to tell you he’s just a plumber trying to learn how to be a business guy, but he’s humble. The real secret here is that Brad has made an effort to learn and grow. After joining Nexstar, he would add on HVAC and electrical, and today Bacon is on pace to hit 30MM this year. He’s also started his own roofing and garage doors company, Riker Roofing!

In this episode, we talk to Brad about:
  • Starting out as a plumber
  • Starting his own plumbing company
  • Moving from new construction to the service side
  • Expanding into HVAC, electrical, roofing, garage doors, and even meat!
  • Family working in the trades
  • Joining Nexstar
  • Growing his business to 30MM
  • Leaving behind a legacy for his family
  • And more!

Legacy Is The Endgame

While many others are fixated on some magic number, Brad is focused on one thing: legacy. He’s always thinking about growth, but his legacy is his family and what he leaves behind for them. With two sons and a daughter in the business, setting them up for success is more important than any revenue goal.

Want to connect with Brad? Shoot him an email at [email protected]

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