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Episode 20: Using Technology And Creativity To Win Over The Market

June 2, 2020

Episode 20: Using Technology And Creativity To Win Over The Market

Published: June 2, 2020

In this day and age, having great service just isn’t enough to maximize the success of your business. That’s why we brought on Brent and Laura Sheneman of Main Street Heating & Cooling. Main Street quickly caught the eye of RYNO for their successful social media campaigns during the COVID lockdown. They utilize current technologies, social media, and an authentic culture to win over clients to change the way we think about HVAC services.

Brent is the Owner of Main Street alongside his brother, Doug. Laura is Brent’s sister in-law, and is the Marketing Director for Main Street. While they are still a relatively small company (15 employees), they are at a respectable 2 million in net revenue due largely thanks in part to their successful branding, technology implementation, and brilliant social media presence. RYNO really took note of Main Street during COVID, as they handled it incredibly well, pumping out great content and finding ways to connect with their customers despite the current restrictions and gloomy atmosphere.

Brent was dragged into the trades by his brother in 2002, becoming a parts-runner to put himself through college. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah in 2009, during the recession. After a few side jobs and ventures, Doug and Brent joined back together to start Main Street Comfort in 2012 at the height of the Wall Street vs. Main Street atmosphere.

Implementing Virtual Sales and Service

Brent and Laura recognized the real need of reassuring homeowners early on during COVID. Instead of panicking and packing up shop, they got creative with both sales and social media. While breaking a leg isn’t exactly good luck, despite the popular showbiz phrase, it may have been a blessing in disguise for Brent. In January, “Superdad” Brent was showing off his trampoline skills with his kids at a trampoline park and ended up with a pretty serious fracture in his lower leg, immobilizing him. He couldn’t perform his normal in-home sales and service visit duties, so Brent was already integrating virtual sales from his office when COVID ramped up and lockdowns started being implemented. Once full lockdown was in force, Main Street was ready.

Brent was able to handle all sales from his office, technicians and installers were using tech to communicate with the team. It was a seamless transition for Main Street not just because Brent had broken his leg and started the virtual processes already, but also because Brent and Doug had foreseen a time like this years ago. They already had some systems built out that never quite got traction until now, a time where customers are much more receptive to the idea of virtual sales and services.

Culture and Branding

At Main Street, you won’t find a traditional corporate environment. Everyone is pretty laid back, friendly, and comfortable. Start times aren’t enforced with an iron fist, but people still show up right on schedule ready to work hard and get the job done. While many companies are trying to find their brand, Main Street already knows who they are. The team is young and sarcastic, and while they take HVAC seriously they certainly don’t take themselves seriously. Customers have an easy time connecting with the team, as their personalities shine through the authentic and masterfully-crafted social media campaigns overseen by Laura. Members of the team regularly appear on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook posts, so when a customer does get on a virtual call with Brent they feel like they already know him, making sales a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Embracing Technology

There’s no fear when it comes to adding in new technology to the mix. Brent is using Zoom to video call customers before an installation. This allows the customer to show Brent the furnace or air conditioner being replaced, and with that picture and a model number Brent can upload the exact dimensions into their system using Service Titan. The installation crew can look at all of the details and prepare for the job in advance. The whole process can be done virtually right up until the moment of installation, which is pretty incredible. Using Service Titan, the client can also review, sign, and book the entire service virtually and schedule it from there. They get notifications for when they’re on their way, when they’ve arrived, tracking, and more. Instead of fighting against the grain, Main Street is finding ways to implement new technology into their strategies and process and are experiencing great success as a result.

Social Media: Adding Value, Not Chasing Profit

Social media has been really effective for Main Street, and it’s a great way to quickly communicate to our customers how we’re adapting and pivoting to address current needs. Main Street is optimistic, innovative, and finds a way to do their job and keep people safe and social media is the way they’re able to do that. It’s made their social media platforms a community.

When asked about crafting the perfect social media post, Laura simply suggests that Main Street just tries to offer value for their followers. It could be something funny, maintenance tips, or energy-saving advice. Main Street doesn’t push sales and bargains, but rather strives to add value to their followers’ lives, and hope that they’ll be in potential customer’s minds when they need service. With this value-focused approach, Main Street can show their empathy to the current situation. As Laura mentions, “we’re all in it together”.

As long as you’re being authentic, you can’t really mess up social media. If you’re not creative, just look at the companies that are and learn from those who are doing it well. Don’t overthink it! Just put some stuff out there, because presence is vital in this day and age. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it out there. In fact, mistakes oftentimes allow for better connection with your followers because it comes across as genuine.

Connect with Main Street!

It’s a time-tested solution to getting better: learn from those who are doing things right! We highly recommend checking out Main Street on social media to see an example of a company that really understands how to utilize social media to build a brand and connect with customers on an emotional level. You can find Main Street on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even on TikTok @mainstreetcomfort.

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