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Episode 206: Tips to Thrive in a Competitive Private Equity-Backed Market w/ Alicia Green

January 30, 2024

Episode 206: Tips to Thrive in a Competitive Private Equity-Backed Market w/ Alicia Green

Published: January 30, 2024


We’re back with part two! In this episode, we continue our conversation with Alicia Green, CFO & COO of Go Green Plumbing, Heating, and Air. In our last episode with Alicia, we heard about her journey starting the company in 2015 and how they got to where they are today. Now, we dig into some higher level things that you should know about.

Staying Competitive in Today’s Market

Alicia understands that in today’s highly competitive landscape, there are a lot of factors that go into staying ahead of the game. From understanding how private equity affects pricing and buying power to the importance of providing a higher level of customer experience, she’s focused on what’s going to keep Go Green in the green!

In this episode, we talk about:
  • Navigating staying competitive in a market with significant private equity presence
  • The impact of private equity groups on pricing and buying power
  • How important it is to focus on value and community engagement
  • Why you need to be delivering the best customer experience, building trust, and staying actively involved in your community
  • Insights into recruiting talent from PE-backed groups
  • The significance of involving your entire team in goal-setting and budget planning
  • Striking the right balance between maintaining control and delegating tasks
  • The challenges and benefits of working with a spouse in a business setting
  • Leadership, from coaching and building leaders to managing growth and maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • And more!

No Zero Days

As always, we hope you’ve not only enjoyed the episode – we hope you learned something, too! The winners of 2024 are going to be those that take action, though, so don’t just stop at listening. Get out there and implement. Like host Chris Yano always says…NO. ZERO. DAYS.

Want to get in touch with Alicia? You can email her at [email protected]!

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