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Episode 217: His $30M HVAC Company Grew With This Marketing Strategy w/ Mark Paup

April 16, 2024

Episode 217: His $30M HVAC Company Grew With This Marketing Strategy w/ Mark Paup

Published: April 16, 2024


Are you ready for round two? We welcome back Mark Paup, Owner & President of Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electrical to To The Point!

In this episode, host Chris Yano and Mark talk about the current state of the market, choosing the right marketing partner, and so much more. If you didn’t catch the first episode with Mark, be sure to check it out!

Navigating 2024 and Beyond as a Home Services Contractor

With decades of experience in the trades, Mark has seen it all. Still, navigating 2023 and 2024 has proven to be a challenge. Chris and Mark discuss how consolidation is affecting the industry, and how talent might be more readily available due to the shake-up. They also tackle tough issues like how to keep your employees engaged and incentivized, what metrics to use to measure your marketing success, and even how to handle lower financing approval rates these days.

What are you waiting for? Listen now!

In this episode, we chat with Mark about:
  • The current wave of consolidation and availability of talent
  • How Golden Rule is tackling the challenge of employee retention
  • Why “in-the-moment” incentives are HUGE
  • The importance of focusing on your CSRs
  • How core values drive the business
  • What Golden Rule is doing to crush the industry average for booking rate
  • Dealing with financing amidst lower approval rates
  • Finding the right marketing partner and how to hold them accountable
  • Understanding what metrics are important to measure your marketing campaigns
  • And more!

What’s Next for Golden Rule?

Even though Mark and Golden Rule have achieved a great deal of success, they continue to push forward. Committed to staying privately owned, further acquisitions and expansions are in the cards for the company. Mark believes strongly in continuing to create opportunities for growth for his team, and that’s exactly the direction they’re heading.

Want to get in touch with Mark? Contact him through the Golden Rule LinkedIn page!

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