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Episode 221: How Acosta HVAC & Electrical Scaled to a 10 Million Dollar Success

May 14, 2024

Episode 221: How Acosta HVAC & Electrical Scaled to a 10 Million Dollar Success

Published: May 14, 2024

In today’s episode of To The Point, we’re proud to have on Lauren Acosta Huckleberry, President of Acosta Heating, Cooling, Electrical out of North Carolina!

Like many in the trades, Lauren grew up in the family business. From starting out filing and answering as a kid to becoming President of the company, her journey is one that is both relatable and filled with great advice for contractors looking to grow their business. Listen now!

From Comfort Consultant to President

After spending her childhood helping out in the family business, Lauren went off to college. After graduating, she worked at a marketing company for several years until 2008 when her father offered her a sales job at Acosta. She accepted, and went to school all over again for HVAC training, and eventually went out into the field. She met her husband during this time, and was out working in crawlspaces even while expecting her first child.

Over time, she started absorbing more and more of the managerial side of things. By 2019, her father was finally ready to retire, and she officially took over as President of the company. Today, Acosta is still privately held, and Lauren has taken the company from 5MM to 10MM and with a team of 50 employees.

In this episode, we talk to Lauren about:
  • Acosta’s incredible origin story, beginning with a migration to the United States from Cuba
  • Lauren’s journey through the family business, starting as a comfort consultant and moving through sales
  • Taking over as President in 2019 when her father retired
  • Hiring an Operations Manager shortly after becoming President of the company
  • Acosta’s mission of making lives better and how that is implemented in day-to-day processes
  • Acosta’s growth over the years since Lauren took over
  • Adding an electrical division in 2020
  • Being a female leader in the trades
  • How Acosta is utilizing KPIs to coach field professionals
  • Advice for contractors under 10MM
  • And more!

What’s Next for Acosta?

Lauren has taken Acosta to new heights, but has no plans of slowing down. Her team has an aspirational chart for their 2025 goals, and even an aspirational org chart they use internally to show where they want to be. After a 2024 Q1 full of reevaluating their strategic partnerships to prepare for growth, things are looking up for her and her team!

Want to connect with Lauren? She’s kindly given our listeners her email! You can reach her at [email protected].

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