A year ago we announced the winner of the RYNO website giveaway: Arizona Small Dog Rescue! The RYNO Give-A-Way contest was designed to give away free marketing services to a nonprofit organization based on 15 nominees picked by the public. Our team created a poll that was sent to the public via social media and the winner was determined.

We had three well-deserving finalists that included: H.E.L.P (homeless engagement lift partnership), Operation Enduring Gratitude, and Arizona Small Dog Rescue. Our 2nd and 3rd place winners (Operation Enduring Gratitude and H.E.L.P.) each received a donation of $500 and professional video content. In the end, the organization that received the first prize of a new website, strong content, professionally taken and edited videos/photos, Google My Business Optimization and management was Arizona Small Dog Rescue! Congratulations to all of our winners!

About Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is a non profit, no kill shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. The staff and volunteers of this amazing organization take in owner surrenders, small adult dogs, large or small breed puppies, and in turn save hundreds of dogs and pups from overcrowded shelters and kill shelters. Some of the staff and volunteers foster dogs while they wait to find their forever home. Fostering is a great way to give extra care to a dog that needs it because of health reasons, to get them comfortable with meeting new people or to socialize with other dogs at a smaller capacity. Arizona Small Dog Rescue also handles lots of different veterinary services for the dogs they take in, such as micro-chipping.

RYNO’s Impact on Arizona Small Dog Rescue

When we started working with Arizona Small Dog Rescue their website didn’t quite reflect the growth the organization had made over the years. Aesthetically it didn’t capture their mission and core values, which didn’t do justice to the brand purpose. Site visitors found it confusing to navigate the site to adopt, donate, and volunteer. These are the 3 of the main focuses of their organization, and without being able to do that, there was a problem. Before RYNO stepped in, these services would take the user outside of the main site to fill out information. Something we knew we could fix.

We decided to rebrand with their newly designed logo and redesign their website in a way that would establish their brand identity. In addition to solidifying their brand, it was also important to come up with a visual and modern way to shine light on their amazing brand personality.

Aside from branding, one of the most important parts of this project was to help bring awareness to these dogs that need homes. In order to achieve this, we needed to come up with a solution that would facilitate a positive user experience that would not only help these dogs gain exposure, but also keep the user on their site – not taken to a 3rd party website. Another crucial part of this project was to create a clear path on the different ways to donate and capture how these donations impact their organization.

After discussing with the account manager on this project we determined that the company uses a third party company as an internal way to publish their dog postings across multiple platforms. In addition to reaching multiple platforms, it’s also an easier process for the company internally.

That being said, their main goal for the website redesign was to stay using the third party application but somehow incorporate it in a way that creates a better user experience while also focusing on strong branding.

RYNO’s Additional Contributions to AZ Small Dog Rescue’s Website:

  • Hero (Main Image) Section – We really wanted to capture how much this organization does and how far donation dollars really go. We decided to highlight the following in the hero area: number of lives saved from donations in the last year, number of dogs rescued last month, and total medical expenses in the last year.
  • Adoption Page – Worked closely with development and we came up with a way to display the dog profiles in a way that matched the overall new styling of their brand, while also using the 3rd party application that would generate the dog profiles as the client added them (while also staying on the website).
  • Highlighting Brand Assets Throughout Entire Website – Using brand assets is important in keeping the website uniform and consistent. The website redesign has a strong focus on the brand’s new logo, typography, and colors. Using these assets throughout the design helps establish a strong and recognizable brand.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue Website

After working with us, Arizona Small Dog Rescue saw a 630,833% increase in website traffic from March 2021 to February 2022. In February 2022, RYNO’s improvements helped bring in 18,783 website visitors. Prior to their SEO campaign, approx. 6.3% of their website visitors found AZ Small Dog Rescue organically. Now organic search is one of their top channels and makes up 75% of their website traffic.

SEO Insights to Arizona Small Dog Rescue Analytics

Arizona Small Dog Rescue’s Mission

Finding the perfect forever home for the shelter dogs and their fosters is their number one goal. By taking in these wonderful dogs, they prevent them from enduring harsher conditions in shelters with too many dogs being handled at a time, the potential for kennel cough, and canine distemper virus. The staff and volunteers certainly have their paws full with finding foster homes for dogs who need extra care, providing medical treatments, toys, food, and hygiene tools to keep each dog happy and healthy. Which means Arizona Small Dog Rescue can certainly take all the help they can get! An organization like this that does such good work deserves to have a helping hand in their digital marketing, which is where we come in! RYNO congratulates Arizona Small Dog Rescue on all their accomplishments and is proud to get to work with such a great non profit organization!

How You Can Help

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is able to keep doing what they’re doing thanks to generous donations from the community. If you’re interested in helping out this wonderful organization, you can do so financially, or by bringing in needed supplies. Your donations help cover the costs of veterinary care, spays and neuters, and other more specific medical needs a dog may have before they are sent to their new forever family. Monetary donations are tax deductible and can be sent here.

If you’d like to volunteer at Arizona Small Dog Rescue, any help at any capacity is appreciated! They need fosters, volunteers to help at the shelter (such as bathing dogs, keeping kennels clean, spending time with the dogs, socializing and walking dogs), transportation, and working weekend adoption events in Phoenix. For more information about volunteering, please send an email to [email protected].

If you’re interested in adopting a new furry friend, you can browse through Arizona Small Dog Rescue’s list of adoptable dogs and read their bios! The shelter is available to visitors looking to adopt Tuesday through Sunday 11am-6pm. For more questions, please send an email to [email protected].