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Call Listening & Reporting

Most call listening services qualify phone calls by setting a threshold based on the length of the call or triggered keywords. At RYNO, we know that a 10 second phone call can be a lead just as much as a 2-minute phone call.

That’s why we wanted a better way to qualify leads. Our team of call listening professionals are trained to listen to and classifies every phone call that comes through the line. Tracking important details from potential customers helps you predict what your actual return on investment will be for all of your marketing efforts.


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RYNOtrax™ includes...

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Contact form/email classifications & supporting details

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Crucial Information
for Your Business

Business owners gain critical awareness of exactly how their brand is expanding into the marketplace when they work with a call listening service staffed by knowledgeable professionals.

Our Call Listening and Reporting services give you the insight you need to make important decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars. In fact, you and your fellow stakeholders in the organization will discover that this is how you will get the best return on your marketing investment.


How It Works

The process of call listening and reporting is simple and straight
forward when you break it down into its three key components:

  • Our in-house team of trained call listening agents listen to and report on all calls coming into your business.
  • Our team categorizes this information according to your website’s tracking number and other pertinent information.
  • We highlight the most important details of each call to support your lead conversion process.

Our call listening and reporting services give each member of your sales force an assistant who listens to and qualifies every call to keep all the incoming information organized.


You have the opportunity to convert those leads
into happy, loyal customers!


What Do We Track?

With RYNOtrax™, you're getting more than just a transcript of the phone calls and some helpful tips. We carefully analyze and categorize each call that comes in, categorizing leads by service so you can see exactly where you're gaining customers and where you need to focus your efforts next.

RYNOtrax™ calculates and captures:

  • Every call that comes in through your call tracking number
  • Each "true" lead, categorized by service and audited for accuracy
  • Important details of each call to support the customer service experience
  • Precise cost per lead
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

What sets RYNOtrax™ apart is that we don't just record an inbound call and give ourselves a pat on the back. We differentiate incoming calls to identify which calls are returning customers, which calls are an employee that forgot something at the office, and which calls are actually new, legitimate customers who are booking a service. You'll know precisely which leads came from your current marketing, and which ones are simply returning customers.

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Our Call Listening Team

Employees of our call listening service are well-trained in taking down all of the crucial information that potential customers provide when calling your business. They understand that knowledge is power.

Details of information that we collect from each and every inbound call include:

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer phone number and address
  • Day and time of day the call came in
  • Written summary of the purpose of the call
  • Whether it is a current customer or a new lead

This is valuable information for your sales and marketing team. Our call listening team gives you the precise costs per lead as well as the return on investment for you. The more information you gather from leads, the better chance you have of keeping them and preventing these individuals from doing any business with your competitors.

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With better insight into your marketing efforts, you can count on an improved ROI and better data to use to propel growth for your business. RYNO Strategic Solutions’ Call Listening and Reporting services will show you performance benchmarks for each marketing campaign you launch.


To learn more about our Call Listening and Reporting Services, give us a call today!

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