Why Are Blogs Good For SEO?
December 28

Why Are Blogs Good For SEO?

Adding a blog to your website can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) in many ways. Blogs are articles that are written to inform the reader. Topics could be about common questions that are asked, tips and tricks, or even company updates. Adding new blogs every month could be exactly what your business needs. Many people who have an unanswered question will use the internet to find the answer. By adding relevant blog posts to your website, people have a better chance at clicking on your site since you’re providing the answers they need. What Is SEO? Read More

November 22

Maximizing Demand with Google Search Trends

At RYNO Strategic Solutions, we exist is to grow your business… PERIOD. As a specialist in the home services industry, we have developed successful local SEO and PPC strategies to help maximize lead generation for our clients. So, what happens when we are faced with a concerned business owner stating that they need more calls, or that they have technicians sitting at home? All strategies aside, it’s important to address the less controllable factor of demand. Google Trends is a great place to start when addressing this directly with a client. There are a variety of Read More

Website Buld vs Hiring A Professional
November 8

Website Builder vs. Hiring A Professional

So, your company needs an online presence and you have found yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of website building options that are out there. It's a spot many have found themselves in. Instead of comparing companies and what they provide, you should compare what kind of website you are envisioning in making this decision. What this means is determining whether you want to hire a professional agency/freelancer that can build a specific vision you have or purchase a “What You See is What You Get” platform, also known as a do-it-yourself website builder. There are some benefits to using a Read More

October 4

Benefits of Mobile First Front-End Development

Mobile-first is a standard that tends to come up in most modern-day web projects. When it comes to front-end development specifically, the mobile-first approach tends to be the go-to for good reason, it's faster! Over the past decade, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage and is now more than half of all worldwide web traffic. This has even led Google to change their algorithm to crawl sites mobile-first. Many studies have been done with regard to the importance and prevalence of mobile users and it could be the case that the audience for your specific project is Read More