Our state-of-the-art Call Listening and Reporting programs give business owners unmatched insight into how their marketing efforts are performing.

This program ultimately provides a business owner the information necessary to make educated and strategic decisions about how to allocate their marketing funds.

Here’s how it works: Our in-house team of trained call listening agents listen to and report on each and every call a business receives through the tracking number on their website.

They record basic contact information about the caller including their name, phone number, address and time of day the call was received. They also provide a written summary of the call purpose and indicate if a set appointment was the result of the call. They also indicate if the caller is a past customer or a new lead. All of this information is then compiled and made available to our participating clients on a monthly basis. The goal of this program is to provide a legitimate cost-per-lead and return-on-investment to our clients.

You’ll know exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing with RYNO Strategic Solutions’s Call Listening and Reporting.