What is TRAXION?

A comprehensive and customized coaching and training platform for Customer Service Representatives in the Home Services and Improvement Industry. With one-on-one coaching that goes beyond the call, your team will have the TRAXION it needs to GROW your business…PERIOD!!!


1 more booked call per day equals an additional $125,000 in revenue per year.

*Based on average revenue per ticket of $500

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What We Offer:

  • A customized call flow based on your brand and industry best practices
  • In-Person Workshops
  • An expedited course to help your team master your new call flow in 8 weeks
  • One-on-one Customer Service Representative Coaching battling the toughest calls to book in the business
  • Call Reviews
  • Metrics Tracking
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Ongoing goal-setting and accountability
  • A personal coach dedicated to your team!
Package pricing to meet the needs of any size team
"The RYNO Traxion CSR Coaching Program not only helped us identify and develop a leader within the organization, but it stabilized the entire customer service department and helped generate strong results improving our booking rates. We can’t say enough about how great this program has been for our team."
— John Burwell
"Working with our coach has been a game changer for not only myself, but for our office as a whole. The process she has created takes you step by step on the path of really perfecting your skills. I would highly recommend TRAXION Coaching and RYNO to any office or individual!"
— Shaylen F.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Guaranteed Return on Investment
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Boosted Employee Retention
  • Improved Team Culture
  • Superior Customer Experiences
  • Higher Productivity

What it means to be a TRAXION Certified Customer Service Representative

  • They are consistently booking above 85% of their leads
  • They are confident and in control of their calls
  • They handle price and schedule objections with ease
  • They turn upset customers into long-term loyal brand ambassadors
  • They set goals and hold themselves accountable
  • They have a positive, powerful mindset that drives their success
  • They WIN their customers for life!!!