Lennox CAP

RYNO Strategic Solutions is proud to participate in the Lennox Consumer Advertising and Promotions (CAP) program as one of only two nationwide digital agencies selected. The CAP program represents an important part of the marketing strategy for many Lennox dealers. Since RYNO only works with companies in the trades (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing), we take pride in sharing our marketing expertise to help those businesses grow.

The Lennox CAP program combines access to marketing experts like RYNO with other advertising and promotional opportunities such as financing, rebates and other offers, while still offering the flexibility to participate in ways that work best for your business’ unique needs.

Lennox CAP Benefits
Some CAP Benefits Include:
  • Partner with an industry expert like RYNO without agency commissions.
  • Promote your brand with Lennox using all 100% of your CAP funds.
  • Ability to use the strong brand of Lennox to build trust and credibility.
  • Access to attractive rebates and financing offers.
  • Convenient monthly billing for marketing vs. paying upfront.
Are you a pro with more questions about Lennox CAP? Click here or contact your local Lennox Territory Manager – Or, call today to speak with a RYNO representative!