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Episode 125: Change the Human, Change the Game

June 21, 2022

Episode 125: Change the Human, Change the Game

Published: June 21, 2022


Mike Agugliaro returns to To The Point! When Mike last joined the podcast, we were on episode 19, and he was running CEO Warrior in an effort to transform the trades. He has continued to evolve, and now is CEO of FuDog Group and ready to change the world! Famed author, speaker, CEO and black belt, Mike is here to explain what he’s doing to create a legacy that lasts thousands of years beyond his time inside his current physical vehicle.

Changing Lives for Decades

If you know Mike, you know that he grew Gold Medal Services to a 32MM behemoth with 165 trucks, 200 employees, and double-digit profit. While he was enjoying that success, he was having a hard time watching the others around him struggle. He sold the company (which has since grown even bigger on the solid foundation he created), and created CEO Warrior to solve this issue. He wanted to shift and change the entire industry. 8 years later, CEO Warrior is one of the top training and implementation organizations out there. Mike made his impact!

What Mike knows, though, is that if you’re not changing, you’re not growing. A natural pattern in human behavior is that after doing the same thing for a period of time, you should be evolving and expanding out of that. This is what drove him to create CEO Warrior, and it’s also what took him to a new chapter in his life. At “Level 51” (Mike doesn’t believe in saying 51 years old, it sounds like there’s a shovel digging a grave), Mike has been changing lives for decades already. He’s helped 20 companies sell in the last few years, with 80% of them becoming deca-millionaires. While changing the industry, he knew that he was meant for even bigger things.

From Changing the Trades to Changing the World

In 2020, Mike realized he had a choice. He could keep changing the trades, or he could change the world. He partnered with a great company that acquired CEO Warrior, and set his sights on tackling an even bigger challenge. See, while he was CEO of CEO Warrior, he saw his impact. He was helping service guys change their lives financially, and to grow their businesses to heights they never thought possible. Simultaneously, these guys were getting divorced and losing impact with their children. They were struggling with depression. Anxiety. What good is helping people grow their businesses if they rest of their lives are in turmoil?

Mike has been with his wife Jennifer since he was 15, and at level 51, that’s decades of experience in a relationship. He’s been training in martial arts for over 3 decades. He’s been building business for over 3 decades. And, he’s been helping people grow for over 3 decades. He knew it was time to look at more than just helping people become successful in business.

Nowadays, it’s all about “10x ing” this or that. 10x your revenue, 10x your growth, 10x your whatever. That’s great! But what they don’t tell you is that in order to 10x anything – your relationships, your business, your wealth – you have to 20x yourself. Everything Mike has done revolves around making the human better knowing that everything else will follow. It’s that simple.

FuDog Group

If you need help growing your business, CEO Warrior is amazing. If you need to keep the wheels on your bus of life from falling off, you need something else. There are people that have sold their company that are confused and lost. Others are planning to sell and are confused and lost. Many are simply trying to grow their companies and are confused and lost. That’s where FuDog Group comes into play.

A fu dog (also spelled “foo” dog) is a Chinese guardian lion, and you might have seen these imperial statues outside of a castle or large home. Fierce and mythical just like humans, fu dogs represent prosperity, success, and guardianship. There are male and female fu dogs, which represents the balance of masculinity and femininity that we all have inside of us. FuDog group helps others balance out their lives. Instead of trying to find a work/life balance, you simply need a “life” balance. There are courses that include Unlocking the Wealth Code to help you understand prosperity and abundance on a new level. There’s another called Change the Channel that helps you transform your identity to turn you into a superhuamn. Another, One Life, helps you build a life by design instead of default. There are tons and tons of trainings, and Mike, his wife, and team are incredibly passionate about helping others. FuDog is a place you can bring your wife, or your kids. It’s a place with no judgement; only a focus on making you a better version of yourself.

Your Life Wheel is Backwards

You might be familiar with a life wheel. It’s essentially a pie chart with slices to signify the different parts of your life that include things such as business, spirituality, relationships, health, wealth, or community. Most people spend 80% of their time in the business part trying to make things work. What Mike has learned is that the reason he was able to accomplish so much is because he spent the majority of his time in the 9/10ths of his life wheel instead of the 1/10th that is business.

When you’re fighting with your spouse, do you really care about your business? If you’re facing a serious illness or health issue, is your first thought about whether or not you’re hitting your revenue goals for this month? You don’t. You have to fix those other 9/10ths of your life wheel and optimize yourself.

Build Your Identity for Where You Want to Be

Most contractors and business owners in general build their identity as they’re building their company. How you act, how you behave, your thinking, patterns and habits – all connected to where your company is at. That means a 5MM contractor typically thinks like a 5MM contractor. So how do you get to 20MM? 100M? Well, for starters, you have to evolve your identity past where you want to grow. If you’re at 1MM and you want to be a 10MM, you need to create that identity. Create the identity of a 30MM business owner. It’s not just putting on a suit, either. You need to create an identity with the behaviors, habits, connections, and how a 30MM owner thinks strategically. Then, the company will be pulled along with your newly formed identity.

Start With Your Future

All of this really means that you need to visualize your future the way you want it to be, and take the steps necessary to create an identity that will allow you to get there. First and foremost, you need to know what your life really is right now, what you want to be, and how soon you want to make it like that. Second, if you’re starting a company or a newer owner, there’s something really powerful in creating a future pitch book.

Brokers and PE firms won’t tell you this, but there’s something they have called a pitch book. It gets put together and when you go to market to sell your company, they are looking at the pitch book to decide whether or not it’s worth buying. You can build a pitch book with no intentions to sell, but rather design to to be what you want your company to look like. Design it with what it can be in the future. Then, you can have some direction and goals to work towards. What would a 30MM pitch book look like? How about a 200MM pitch book?

Focus on Mindgrowth and Create Your Movement

Mike created CEO Warrior to change businesses. When he stated it, he was training 9 companies in New Jersey on how to achieve what he had. Now, it’s more than just about changing businesses. With FuDog, Mike is changing entire identities. Just like in your business, you have to create these movements; a purpose. It has to be bigger than making money, and it can’t just be transactional. That’s how you get the buy-in from your team, and for yourself. Once you have a purpose, you will generate a passion. That passion will generate immense power inside of you.

While people are thinking about the next 10 years, Mike is thinking about 1,000 and beyond. He points out that there are multiple companies in Japan that are over 1,000 years old. In America, we’re impressed with Macy’s and Sears. Why? What if we were brave enough to think about building a company in a way that will make it last for 1,000 years or more?

Mike wants his legacy to be playing a part in shifting humanity to think completely differently than the way we’ve been programmed to think. At FuDog Group, their focus is impacting a million people or more in a decade or less in a hundred companies or more. Before he closes his eyes someday and allows his consciousness to shift to another level, he wants to know that he helped others live a life with less stress, anxiety, depression, and suffering. And he’s making sure that there are people to take over that legacy when he’s done so it lasts well beyond 1,000 years.

Mind Power

Mike just came out with a brand new book called Mind Power: The 17 Secrets Of Using Your Thoughts To Powerfully Accelerate Every Area Of Life, and is giving away free copies to our listeners! To get yours, simply click here and enjoy! Or, if you’d like to support Mike directly, you can find the book on Amazon.

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