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Episode 157: The Future Of Home Services Training

February 14, 2023

Episode 157: The Future Of Home Services Training

Published: February 14, 2023


On today’s episode, Chris is chatting with “Uncle” Joe Crisara, America’s Service Sale Coach at Service MVP, about the future of home services training. Joe was previously on the podcast in episode 30, Easy Method to Handle ANY Objections and episode 83, Create a Culture of Accountability to Boost Your Bottom Line. The last time Chris and Joe were together was at Joe’s True Grit event in Las Vegas. During his time there, Chris did a live podcast with friend of the show, Jason Bueler.

What does the future of training look like, according to Joe? Interacting online is where we’re at in history, and interactive gaming for training purposes is what Joe wants to try this year. The old way is “drab”. “Round tables” are a better way to interact. 200 people broken up into groups of 8 or 4, doing interactive activities. Joe thinks this is a better way to really make training memorable. Joe plans on doing escape room style interactive training activities with those that attend the event. You can use “game-ification” as Joe calls it, as a competitive tool to drive action.

2023 is going to be a scrappy year, according to Chris. 2022 was a huge year for a lot of contractors…and in 2023, you’ll want to be on your A-game. Selling to sell isn’t what we look for at RYNO…you sell people what they actually need to succeed, and they hang onto that for years.

How Virtual Interactions Have Changed the Game

While growing up in Indiana, Chris reminisces that social interaction was in person, running around outside til the sun went down. Now his own children are growing up in the social media age and interacting a lot more online than in person. TikTok is a big player in their house despite Chris not wanting to get sucked into the TikTok addiction. He says that virtual “everything” isn’t going anywhere, it’s a part of the world today. It can make you more successful when you lean into it.

Speaking of TikTok, Joe says he’s a better speaker now because of the popular short-form content app. He says he doesn’t waste time and gets to the point. According to Uncle Joe, we could all take a lesson from this: how to communicate with power in a shorter fashion.

Holding Your Team Accountable and Getting to the Point

On the topic of work meetings and the like: Joe says you need to recap, quiz, ask what the next steps are with your team, and make sure everyone is on board. There needs to be a point. Chris adds that at RYNO, we meet with intent, inquire about deliverables, talk about what we want to accomplish, and address if the goal was made. It’s taken a while to get the science down, but we’ve gotten better at getting to the point of it all.

Chris says you have to put in the work, even the greatest athletes of all time had great coaches that brought them where they needed to be. You need someone who will hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Everyone has “coaches,” and everyone needs to be held accountable from time to time.

Uncle Joe’s Biggest Tip for Contractors

training is happening all the time. Everything is selling, and everything is training. You can’t just stand up in front of a big group and talk anymore. In order to get the information across, you need your training to be interactive. Try to deliver your training in the form of a question to get your team working together.

Joe’s goal is to make a positive impact on the people around him. Seeing people enjoy training and really getting something out of it. The biggest mistake is that people take the training but don’t do anything with it. As Chris always says, “You don’t have to do everything, but you gotta do something. No zero days!”

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