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Episode 168: Elevate and WIN, Again and Again

May 2, 2023

Episode 168: Elevate and WIN, Again and Again

Published: May 2, 2023


Tommy Mello is not just the Owner of A1 Garage Doors, he’s a legend in the industry. In addition to building what was once the largest independently held garage door company, he’s also an accomplished author and someone who’s truly figured out what it takes to 10x your efficiency in both business and life. If you’re in the home services industry, this is an episode you simply can’t miss!

10xing Efficiency in All Aspects of Business and Life

From the way he does business down to the way he dresses, Tommy Mello is about elevating. His mindset and focus on efficiency has not just changed his own life, it’s created other millionaires.

Now, A1 Garage Door is now a multi-million dollar company with 700 employees and in tons of different markets. Tommy continues to find ways to improve efficiency and scale with simple, duplicatable processes both in business and in his personal life.

In this episode, hear Tommy Mello talk about:
  • Going from in debt to building a garage door empire
  • Scaling to the largest (formely) independently held garage door company
  • Finding the right companies to scale and grow with
  • Building to 30+ EDITDA
  • Partnering with Cortec
  • 10xing efficiency in business and in life
  • Harnessing the power of ADD/ADHD
  • Dealing with customer reviews
  • Tommy’s books
  • And more!

Elevate Your Life

For Tommy, getting bigger and better isn’t just about achieving his own goals. It’s about being able to create the opportunity for the rest of his team and employees to achieve theirs, as well as to give back! He has a lot of big things in store, and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Want to get a copy of Tommy’s new book? Here’s a special link just for To The Point listeners with lots of free stuff thrown in!

Want more Tommy? Grab a copy of his first book, Home Service Millionaire, or check out his podcast, The Home Service Expert!

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