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Episode 190: The Blueprint for Thriving in Home Services -  Leadership Lessons from Frank Harrison

October 2, 2023

Episode 190: The Blueprint for Thriving in Home Services - Leadership Lessons from Frank Harrison

Published: October 2, 2023


If you’re a loyal To The Point listener, you no doubt understand the value in learning from those that paved the way. With a career in the HVAC industry spanning nearly 60 years, we’re incredibly proud to welcome Frank Harrison to the podcast!

Frank served as President of The General Plumbing, Heating and Air for over 25 years, all after running multiple other HVAC companies. We also welcome special guest and longtime friend of Frank, Rusty Cochran, President of We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air!

A Long and Storied HVAC Career

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, Frank got his start in the HVAC industry in the 1960’s working for an owner that struggled with alcoholism and finances. After many frustrating days, he decided to work for himself. Going into debt and selling his only car for a work truck, he began his business out of his backyard by himself.

Fast forward several years (and a 13-year legal battle with the Union over running a non-union shop) later, and Frank was operating and growing The General. His goal was simple: to be the best HVAC company in the Coachella Valley.

After 25 years of successfully navigating the industry, growing and sustaining his company, and mentoring countless others, Frank kept his promise to his wife and retired at the age of 75. Rusty and many others credit Frank with supporting them on their journey, and now our listeners can learn quite a bit to implement in their own businesses in the very same way!

In this episode, we talk to Frank about his career, including:
  • His beginnings in the HVAC industry in the 60’s
  • Starting his own business by himself out of his backyard
  • A long fight against the Union for having a non-union shop
  • Moving from new construction into the service/replacement side
  • The importance and impact of leadership training
  • Selling his business to his employees and not private equity
  • Enjoying retirement
  • A look back at what made him successful
  • Why focusing on people is paramount
  • And more!

Want to hear Rusty’s story and how he implemented what he learned from Frank to grow We Care to an over 30MM business? Listen to Rusty’s episode here!

It’s All About People

Now retired and enjoying traveling with his wife in their motor home, working on their new beach house, and still being active, Frank looks back at what really mattered most in his career. It was all about the people. What made Frank successful was surrounding himself with good people, and then investing in them.

For Frank, it starts with trusting each other. Then you work on communication, collaboration, and believing in the cause of your business. When those pieces fall into place, results come naturally!

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