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Episode 229: Episode 229: How This Home Service Company Doubled Conversions with Automated Follow-ups

July 9, 2024

Episode 229: Episode 229: How This Home Service Company Doubled Conversions with Automated Follow-ups

Published: July 9, 2024


Are you missing out on revenue because you’re not responding to your customers in time, or often enough? We’re excited to bring on Ryan Fenn, CEO of CHIIRP to talk about what his company is doing to help contractors recoup lost profits and find new ways to generate revenue – all while providing communication with the modern customer how they want to be communicated with!

Along with Ryan, we bring on former guest Aaron Gaynor to speak to how he’s using CHIIRP with great success in his own business. If you’re looking for ways to grow in 2024, this episode is for you!

Modern Solutions for Modern Customers

Ryan started his first business in 2010 – a windshield repair company. He grew that business to 9 locations and was successful, and in 2014 wanted to use his digital marketing background. He created a course on how to start and grow your own windshield repair business, and was using Facebook Ads and learning a lot about how to get leads and convert them to sales. What he found worked best was if a lead submitted their information on his website, he needed to text them within a minute. This dramatically increased his conversion rate.

After selling 2MM with that course through text messaging, Ryan realized texting was an extremely powerful conversion tool. He wanted to combine that knowledge with the other tools and software he was using, and in 2018, CHIIRP started coming to fruition. Initially just for automating lead response, 6 years later the tool has evolved to be a powerful strategy for automated follow-up along the customer journey that dramatically increased a salesperson’s ability to close.

In this episode, we talk to Ryan and Aaron about…
  • The different CHIIRP campaigns Aaron is using in his business with great success
  • Why deep integration with ServiceTitan allows CHIIRP to provide advanced, personalized follow-up including after sending an estimate
  • How to use CHIIRP during slow times to keep busy
  • The different ways CHIIRP can tackle customer touchpoints like follow-ups for post job, scheduled jobs, canceled jobs, and more
  • Why texting is the the optimal form of communication for customers right now
  • How CHIIRP excels at maintaining communication with your customers
  • Multi-channel communication in addition to text to ensure your business is top-of-mind during the buying decision
  • And more!

Aaron mentions that using just a single CHIIRP campaign that calls customers back after his call center misses a call has netted him about $300,000 in saved revenue. How is that possible? Well, Ryan and CHIIRP know something special. A key moment in the customer journey is when they raise their hand to say they’re interested, and contact you. Responding within the first few minutes after that are CRITICAL. After one minute of no response, conversion rate drops by 50%. After the second minute, by another 25%. There are tons of speed-to-lead studies that have very similar data to back this up.

By contacting customers before that first minute is up and offering the preferred convenience of text messaging (98% opened rate for texting vs. 20% or lower via email!), it’s easy to see how CHIIRP is allowing for big growth – even when traditional leads are down.

Are You Missing Out On Revenue?

Today’s customer doesn’t want to reply to emails, and they don’t want to listen to voicemails – they want to text. Millennials are growing up, and many of them are buying homes and making big purchasing decisions, so it makes sense why texting is today’s preferred method of communication. CHIIRP not only allows for your business to easily stay in touch with your customers how they prefer, but also provides a wide range of campaign options to hit every important touchpoint for maximizing growth.

If you want to sit down with CHIIRP for a demo and see how it can help your business grow, contact them today and tell them you came from To The Point!

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