March 4

5 Tips to Shooting Better Video on Your Smartphone

Producing video content is an important business practice that many companies often neglect. Videos are an effective way to reach your audience or consumer because they are engaging, entertaining and easy to digest. They can also be used to help generate leads or... Read More

November 30

Does PPC Impact SEO?

A fairly common, and understandable, question digital marketers get is “Does PPC impact SEO and vice versa?”. The answer to this question is, technically, no. According to Google, “Advertising on Google has no impact on your organic or natural ranking in the search... Read More

November 13

Recycling: What Those 3 Arrows Actually Mean

We all recognize the 3 cycling arrows as the universal symbol for “recycling”. We see them on packaging for most things from milk jugs, soda cans, grocery sacks, shampoo bottles and cereal boxes. As children, most of us learned to look for... Read More

November 4

3 Free Ways CloudFlare Helps Your Business Website Perform Better

If you stumbled upon this article and have little to no knowledge of what CloudFlare even is, let's start off with giving you a brief snapshot of what they provide in relation to the internet and then discuss some of it's free features... Read More